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Wheelchair Basketball Player Renshi Chokai Joins the ASICS Team



ASICS is delighted to announce the signing of wheelchair basketball player Renshi Chokai to the ASICS team. The contract marks the first time ASICS has signed a professional para-athlete.
ASICS is committed to supporting Chokai’s wide-ranging activities as a person and as a para-athlete. ASICS looks forward to the new and creative ideas that this partnership will surely inspire, and will continue working toward realizing a society that is both mentally and physically healthy, sustainable, and inclusive.

一般社団法人 日本パラ陸上競技連盟(JPA)と オフィシャルパートナー契約を締結

Signed Agreement with Japan Para Athletics Federation (JPA) as an Official Partner



This agreement is an effort to promote and develop athletics. It was also realized because the objective of promoting the sound physical and mental development of people with disabilities and their participation in society is consistent with our vision.
We will continue to provide our products to the Japan national athletic team and also strive to improve their performance by providing personalized support according to the characteristics of their disabilities and helping each athlete maintain their condition.



Our sponsorship with "Asu-Challe!". An Education and Training Program by Para Athlete Lecturers. 



"Asu-Challe!" ,which stands for "Challenge for Tomorrow" in Japanese, is a program by the Nippon Foundation Parasports Support Center. In this program, participants can learn the essential values and possibilities of sports such as mutual understanding through sports, the courage to challenge, and nurturing dreams and goals from para athlete lecturers. By sponsoring "Asu-Challe!", we not only support the program, but also by implementing training seminars for employees, we aim to enhance understanding of diversity & inclusion and enhance the capability to empathize with people with disabilities.

視覚障がいのあるランナー6人が、伴走者なしで「ASICS World Ekiden 2022」完走を達成!

Six visually impaired runners completed the ASICS World Ekiden 2022 unaccompanied!


「誰もが自由に、思うままに走れるために。」という想いから研究開発しているGoogleの「Project Guideline」と、「つなげよう、走る喜びを。」という想いが込められた世界中のどこからでも参加できるバーチャル駅伝レース「ASICS World Ekiden」のコラボレーションで実現したプロジェクト。

With the aim of enabling "everyone to be free to run as they wish" Google and ASICS collaborated on a project whereby runners could complete ASICS World Ekiden, a virtual relay race that can be completed from anywhere in the world, by using Google’s “Project Guideline” technology.


Support for the Ottobock Running Clinic 2022, a sports prosthesis experience event.



Support for the sports prosthesis experience event 'Ottobock Running Clinic'. Provision of clothing and shoes worn by lecturers and athletes. We conducted product hearings with lecturers and participants to identify issues and generate ideas for in-house product planning and development.


'Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon 2022' - Supporting para-athletes in their new challenge!



The Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon 2022, a half marathon commemorating the first anniversary of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, supports three para-athletes - Keiichi Kimura from Tokyo Gas, Eirina Yuguchi from the Nippon Sport and Science University and Takuho Sasahara from the Japan University of Physical Education - in their new challenges.


Internal workshops for product development



A workshop was held for employees involved in product development to experience the daily life of people with disabilities and understand their barriers (challenges). It was an opportunity to actually engage with people with disabilities and find new ideas through seeing, listening and experiencing their situation. Ideas from the workshops will be used in future product and service development to contribute to the realisation of a symbiotic society.