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ASICS sustainability framework 

The framework outlines our sustainability targets, the actions we are taking to meet them, and the partnerships we have established under two pillars: People and Planet. ‘People’ focuses on mental and physical well-being and human rights in the supply chain. ‘Planet’ focuses on climate action and circularity. We also align our focus topics with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to support them through our sustainability activities. 


ASICS sustainability framework is built on two main pillars: People and Planet


Consumers and Communities

We help our consumers and communities to im- prove their mental and physical fitness and health.


Our corporate culture encourages diversity and creativity. We support our employees so they can fulfill their full potential.

Supply chain

We build transparent, fair and ethical partnerships, and empower the people in our supply chains.

Focus points

Mental & physical well-being
Human Rights in the Supply Chain



We limit our products’ impact on the planet, by focusing on the materials used, the production processes we employ, and sustainable design. 


We aim to make a positive contribution to global climate goals by adjusting the way in which we operate, including our manufacturing processes.

Focus points

Climate action


Our sustainability framework is based on our company-wide materiality program that identifies and evaluates the material topics that are most relevant to our stakeholders and to our business. We regularly update our materiality matrix to prepare us for the next phase of our business strategy and sustainability strategy. Key topics identified in the latest analysis are: mental and physical well-being, innovation, products’ and services quality, climate action, human rights in the supply chain, circularity, employee engagement, water management, and corporate governance and disclosure.

See the Sustainability Report for more information.

Value chain

Raw materials

We are switching to more sustainable materials, such as recycled or bio-based polyester and certified natural materials.

Material processing

We are committed to meeting our quality and safety standards and reducing resource consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in the production process. We build transparent, fair and ethical partnerships and empower people.

Product manufacturing

We engage with our suppliers to reduce environmental impacts during the manufacturing process and encourage them to actively seek renewable energy alternatives. We build transparent, fair and ethical partnerships and empower people.

Distribution to market

We work with our logistics providers to transport our products to our various markets in the most efficient way, including shifting to packaging with lower environmental impact.


Our own retail stores are designed to use energy efficiently and to maximize the reuse of store fittings. We are switching to more sustainable packaging for our products.

Product use phase

We support consumers to improve their mental and physical health and help them to reduce their environmental impact through care label advice. We offer repair services for some products in Japan.

End of life and recycling

We investigate partnerships and engage consumers in take-back programs to support a circular economy.

Sustainability policies and guidelines

Our corporate activities are guided by clear codes of conduct based on internationally recognized standards and conventions. We seek to work only with business partners who share our commitment to sustainability and fair labor practices. Various policies and activities apply throughout this chain, from raw materials suppliers (tier 3 and beyond), through manufacture and retail all the way to consumers and the product’s end of life. We have a number of policies that provide guidance to our employees, suppliers and other stakeholders in support of our sustainability efforts.

ASICS Corporation is included. It showcases the sustainability performance of the world’s top 15% companies in the industry.S&P Global Sustainability Yearbook Member 2022.

ASICS Corporation has been recognized for 4 consecutive year, and it showcases that ASICS is among the top 8% of organizations assessed by CDP, one of almost 400 companies on the Leaderboard this year.

ASICS Corporation rated A- level on climate change and B level on water security.

ASICS Corporation was selected for the 9th time as a component company of the Dow Jones Sustainability Asia/Pacific Index.

ASICS Corporation has been continuously included in the FTSE4Good Index since 2016 and the FTSE Blossom Japan index since 2017.

ASICS Corporation has been continuously included with AA ratings since 2017.