Information Business in Russia

Building partnerships and transparency

More than 150 Tier 1 suppliers in 22 countries provide us with the facilities, expertise and other resources to bring the best products to our consumers. Through our partnership approach, we aim to help improve standards not just among our direct suppliers, but in all areas where our business has influence

Increasing transparency

We believe it is important to improve transparency, including throughout the supply chain. We update our public factory list every year to reflect changes in our supply base.

We build transparent, fair and ethical partnerships and empower the people in our value chain. Upholding fair business practices and improving labor conditions across our supply chain are responsibilities we take seriously. We also work to minimize our impacts on the environment throughout the supply chain. To continuously raise and safeguard standards, we are committed to working in close partnership with our suppliers, their workers, and other supply chain stakeholders.

COVID-19 response to supplier factories and workers

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on businesses and supply chains worldwide
and it has been challenging to both ASICS and our supplier factories. We work with suppliers to support their effort to deal with the unprecedented situation and to ensure health and safety of the factory workers. Find more information here

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