Message from the Top Management

Since its founding in 1949, ASICS Group has been committed to nurturing the world’s youth through sports in order to contribute to society. Our vision has been to “Create Quality Lifestyle through Intelligent Sport Technology” and our mission to provide goods and services that promote healthy and fulfilling lifestyles throughout the world.

ASICS Growth Plan (AGP) 2020, launched in January 2016, is now nearing its third year. Some targets were revised in February 2018.

Huge changes have been impacting the sports environment, and ASICS knows that generating results from business structural reforms and returning the company to a growth trajectory are the most important issues in quickly adapting to varying consumer tastes and new sales channels.

As such, ASICS released the Action Plan on August 3. This is a detailed plan for achieving company targets in line with the revised medium-term management plan.

The new strategy will introduce a product-category-based management structure that concentrates responsibility for profit on headquarters even more. Sales companies in each country will work together as a Group, promoting profitable growth.

ASICS knows that the U.S. market is its biggest and most important, and will aim to grow profit by pouring in even more headquarter function resources. The company will work to expand profit by not only focusing on loyal runners but also young runners. ASICS will at the same time focus on the growing China market by strengthening functions in Shanghai to make and act on decisions quickly and to capture market share exceeding market growth. The digital business will also be positioned as a new growth driver, and ASICS will consolidate digital functions to build consumer touch points, assigning EC business profits to the digital department. ASICS will accelerate digitalization in these ways. Expanding the apparel business is also critical to achieving further growth. ASICS will review its profit structure and develop products that perfectly fit consumer preferences and trends in individual regions.

ASICS Group will use these measures to improve profit, grow sustainably, and try to achieve the targets laid out in the medium-term strategy AGP2020.

Since ASICS was founded, we have worked hard to understand our consumers’ perspectives and be able to offer products and services truly sought by consumers.

Going forward, we will work to produce goods based on our cores of innovation and technology and clearly communicate not only our products’ functionality but also the stories behind our products. We hope to share the values of our consumers.

All ASICS Group employees around the world will work harder so that our consumers will select and enjoy our products and services. ASICS wants to ensure that even one more consumers is satisfied. We appreciate your continued support.

August 2018

Chairman and CEO, Representative Director
ASICS Corporation

President and COO, Representative Director
ASICS Corporation