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ASICS’ projects for reuse and recycling

According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation report, over 70% of materials used to make clothing around the world are landfilled or burned at the end of their life. We believe in quality products that last and are loved. Only at the functional end of their lifecycle they should be discharged. We therefore support a circular economic model in which resources are saved and recycled instead of wasted though incineration or landfill. 

Shoes made from textile waste

In 2020, we developed an Earth Day initiative to achieve a circular business model. The Earth Day Pack is our most planet-friendly cross-category collection to date, having been created using a circular manufacturing approach that saw around 5 tons of textile waste, the equivalent of 25,000 t-shirts, recycled into new shoes. Also, the socklining of the shoes was developed using a resource-saving technology called solution dyeing that reduces CO2 emissions by around 45% and cuts water use by around 33% compared to conventional dyeing processes.

ReAct Sustains

In 2020, we partnered with ReAct Sustains in The Netherlands to make sure defective items are being recycled rather than incinerated. For shoes returned to our shops, we set up a new process to make sure that items that cannot be reused or resold are instead recycled.

Give Back Box

Thanks to partnership with the Give Back Box, consumers can use the box in which they received their ASICS product to recycle used items in good condition. They simply fill up the box with used shoes and clothes, and then send it to a participating local charity of their choice, using a free shipping label.

Road Tested Program

When shoes are returned to our retail locations after purchase due to size or fit issues, common industry practice is to destroy and discard them. ASICS wanted to find a circular solution to this problem, and so we launched the Road Tested Program in 2019. Through the initiative. minimally worn returned shoes are made available to consumers at retail outlets at a discounted price.