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Asics talent management

We want to ensure our strong, diverse and inclusive team of employees is supported in their day-to-day work and their long-term careers. We do this through career support, coaching and leadership training.

Training and development opportunities include ASICS Academy (our next-generation leader development program), the Sustainable Fashion Academy (which lets employees learn about sustainability in the fashion industry), and new employee training.

Diversity and inclusion

In order to help people achieve a ‘Sound Mind, Sound Body’, we need people who look at the world from every angle. That is why we are committed to inclusion across race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, and gender identity, to build a diverse team who can drive our innovations and can truly improve people’s lives.

One Team, Stronger Together

Our Diversity and Inclusion Vision is called One Team, Stronger Together. This describes how we as an organization envision a future where people of all backgrounds can play a role in improving people’s lives to achieve a ‘Sound Mind, Sound Body’. We set targets across all regions to improve the diversity of our workforce.

Employee well-being

Our mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle through sports, and as such, we value the health of our employees. The ASICS Well-Being Committee formulates and implements action plans to improve the health and weII-being of employees, with the aim of embodying ‘Sound mind’ and ‘Sound body’.
We want to give our colleagues the support they need,so we conducted an employee survey in 2021 to find out more about their comfort at work, communication, breaks, exercise, eating habits,
cleanliness and health literacy. The results of the survey enabled us to take action to better support well-being at ASICS . In 2022, we will extend the activities to include employees’ health literacy.

Explore the ASICS Well-Being report 2022

Online STAYHOME initiative for employees working from home

With the restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic, many people moved less – they worked from home, so they didn’t need to walk during their journey to work, sports facilities were often closed, and team sports were on hold. To help our employees to keep moving, we continued our online
fitness program. Since 2020, the staff at ASICS Sports Complex TOKYO BAY – an urban hypoxia (low-oxygen) environment training facility operated by ASICS – have been holding online
seminars for employees.

The 2020 results of our annual ASICS Health Care Check (AHCC) showed changes in physical fitness during COVID-19. The stay- at-home guidance issued throughout the pandemic unfortunately resulted in a decrease in physical fitness. However, participating

in online fitness at least three times a week for eight weeks did significantly improve leg strength and shoulder flexibility.