2022.07.01 PRESS

ASICS introduces the latest version of its popular handball/ indoor shoes
– designed to help athletes move powerfully on the court.

ASICS Press Release

BLAST FF™ 3: Men’s

[1 JULY 2022 – KOBE, JAPAN] – ASICS today announces the launch of its BLAST FF™ 3, handball/ indoor shoes, designed to help athletes achieve a stronger playing style1 on the court.

The BLAST FF™ 3 model benefits from advanced technologies to improve performance on the court, and ensure athletes achieve high-level protection.

The BLAST FFTM 3 shoe is designed to help athletes move stronger and add power to their indoor court game by offering more stability. A revamped upper adapts to their foot’s natural motion while the internal support system means this shoe offers advanced support and flexibility when dashing, braking and moving side to side.

Athletes want shoes that can protect and support them during dynamic movements when they are on the court. Whether they are on the offense or defense, the BLAST FFTM 3 model improves stability and flexibility to enhance their game and enjoy the benefits of sport. The TURNTRUSSTM component spans across the midsole and outsole for smoother transitions from one foot to another on the court.

With its MONO-SOCKTM construction and improved DYNAWRAPTM technology, the BLAST FFTM 3 model provides a more comfortable fit and helps create better ankle support, helping their transition seamlessly between abrupt stops and sudden sprints.

The BLAST FF™ 3 shoe is available for men and women from ASICS retail, online stores, and specialist indoor sports outlets globally from 1st July 2022 for $140.

To find out more about the BLAST FF™ 3 shoe and latest technologies, please visit the product video: BLAST FF™ 3 and

ASICS Press Release

BLAST FF™ 3: Women’s

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1. ASICS’ research shows that there are roughly three playing styles in indoor court sports such as volleyball, basketball, and handball: Higher, Stronger, and Faster. Each shoe is designed with different functions to support these playing styles.

Higher playing style:

For the player typically playing vertically who needs more cushioning to jump higher and land softer.

Faster playing style:

For the high-speed player who needs a lightweight and flexible shoe to move faster.

Stronger playing style:

For the player who typically plays closer to the ground and needs extra stability for stronger steps and turns.

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