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2022.12.13 PRESS

GEL-RESOLUTION™ 9 shoes are designed to provide excellent kinetic stability for lateral movements in the fast-paced tennis matches.

Updated DYNAWALL™ technology and outsole structure combine to provide an improved braking ability of 4.4% more dynamic braking force than the previous model, which helps enable dynamic steps and quick recovery along the baseline.

ASICS Press Release

[13 Dec, 2022 – KOBE, JAPAN] In the latest update to the popular GEL-RESOLUTION™ tennis shoe series, built for the baseline player who requires a supportive and stable shoe, the GEL-RESOLUTION™ 9 provides outstanding kinetic stability and improved comfort compared to the previous version. With key updates to the structure to the DYNAWALL™ technology and outsole with a larger contact area, the GEL-RESOLUTION 9 is designed to feel the confidence on your feet as you anticipate each move on the tennis court.

Developed with ASICS Brand Ambassadors and tennis experts around the world, two key updates were made to improve the stability elements of the tennis shoe. Updated and extended DYNAWALL technology is not only about lateral stability, but also provides stability in the heel area. With the increased support, the shoe allows for more dynamic steps along the baseline by providing kinetic stability on the feet. Also, an updated construction of the outsole provides a larger contact area to the ground allowing for a stable landing on the court. Testing results at ASICS Institute of Sports Science (ISS) showed an improved braking ability with 4.4% more dynamic braking force than GEL-RESOLUTION 8, enabling tennis players to feel confident on their feet for smoother transition in the fast-paced tennis environments.

Also, to support the stability for baseline players, DYNAWRAP™ technology featured in the previous model gets redesigned to reduce the deflection in the upper, providing better fit around the forefoot during dynamic movements.

“With the game evolving and balls being hit in faster pace, athletes are required to move faster and change directions from high speed and recover quickly after their shots to prepare for the next shot,” said Azumi Taoka from ASICS Institute of Sports Science. “We took athlete feedback and tested against previous models to provide the support that allows them to feel confident and allowing them to brake at a high speed but be ready to anticipate the next shot on the tennis courts”.

ASICS Press Release

The GEL-RESOLUTION 9 will be available for men and women from January 2023.

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* Based on tests conducted by ASICS Institute of Sports Science on August, 2022, the GEL RESOLUTION 9 showed an average of 4.4% larger braking force than the previous model.


The ASICS Design Philosophy combines athlete sensory wear testing, biomechanical research, sustainable innovation, and decades of Kaizen craftmanship by our team at the ASICS Institute of Sport Science in Kobe, Japan to design superior products and technologies that feel best for both body and mind.

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