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The ASICS Institute of Sport Science (ISS) embodies the corporate vision to “Create Quality Lives through Intelligent Sport Technology.” Maintaining “human-centric science”, the Institute focuses on the analyzes of natural movements and actions. Developing and working with unique materials, ISS continues to lead innovation within the industry.


1977 - Establishment of the Technology Research Section

ASICS headquarters in Osaka founded the first Technology Research Section for research on apparel products."

1980 - Establishment of the Shoe Fundamental Research Section

ASICS Shoes Department (factory in Kobe) founded the first Shoe Fundamental Research Division within the Footwear Planning and Development section."

1982 - Opening of Shoe Development Center

ASICS Shoe Research and Development Division moved to Suma Ward, Kobe and opened a new facility."

1985 - The ASICS Institute of Sport Science was born

When ASICS moved its headquarters to Kobe Port Island (in Chuo Ward, Kobe), The ASICS Institute of Sport Science was founded by the consolidation of the Technology Research Department and Shoe Development Center."

1990 - Center Completion of The ASICS Institute of Sport Science

The ASICS Institute of Sport Science and Human Resource Development Center (later renamed ASICS R&D Center) was completed in Nishi Ward, Kobe."

2015 - Expansion and renovation of the Institute

ASICS expanded the scope of the Institute and rebuilt the Institute to strengthen research and development."