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2023.04.26 PRESS

ASICS Corporation announces use of ASICS STEPNOTETM to monitor the foot grwoth of U-12 academy players at the J1 League*1 football club Vissel Kobe in order to support healthy childhood growth.

*1 J1 League is the top level of the Japan Professional Football League (J.League).

ASICS STEPNOTETM is a digital service that projects the growth of children’s feet and notifies the right size shoe they should wear at the right time. The service recommends shoe models appropriate for the growth of an individual child’s foot. The service is being provided free of charge to members of the OneASICS™ loyalty program. ASICS STEPNOTETM was first launched in December 2021 and has been extremely well-received with more than 22,000 registered users in Japan (as of end-March 2023).

During adolsence in paticular, when children transition to adult shoes, the selection of the right size shoe is not only important to the healthy development of the foot but it also supports better performance and reduces the risk of injury in sports.

ASICS, the official uniform supplier to Vissel Kobe, has approximately 40 guardians of U-12 academy players in the club that will use the ASICS STEPNOTETM. Over the course of about one year, the service will support the players and their families as follows:

  1. Periodic foot measurements using a 3D foot measuring app
    Using a 3D foot measuring app currently in development, ASICS will measure players’ foot shape every three months. The foot shape measurement data is transferred to ASICS STEPNOTETM reading a barcode for utilization, and the measurements data can be checked at any time while foot growth forecasts can be viewed using monthly or yearly graphs.

    ASICS also provides information and advice about foot shape and the importance of measuring feet through leaflets and simple measuring kit.

    Measuring foot shape and counseling about measurement data
  2. Offering recommended product and assessing satisfaction
    ASICS STEPNOTETM generates a foot growth forecast based on foot shape measurement data and makes recommendations on timing and selection for the replacement of shoe models.
    One pair of the recommended shoe model is providedon the first replacement date after monitoring begins, and the children’s satisfaction with fit and comfortare assessed.

  3. Surveying the timing of shoe replacement
    Surveys on foot and shoe concerns, proper use of soccer shoes, and replacement timings are conducted among players’ guardians in order to better understand children’s shoe usage. These insights will be used to better understand and identify issues for future development of ASICS STEPNOTE.
  4. Assessing satisfaction with ASICS STEPNOTETM
    A survey on the current service including the benefits and areas of improvement will be conducted among players’ guardians. ASICS will continue to collect data in order to offer new brand experiences through improved user interface and convenience.

ASICS’ founding philosophy is a Sound Mind in a Sound Body and the company offers products, services, and an environment that contribute to improving the physical and emotional Well-being of people around the world.

Using the information gathered by the monitoring, ASICS aims to improve ASICS STEPNOTETM and introduce new features for more personalized shoe selection. By offering optimal value to each and every customer, ASICS intends to contribute to enabling healthy and fulfilled lives.

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NOTES to editors

On December 8, 2021, ASICS announced the launch of ASICS STEPNOTETM, a digital service that projects the growth of children’s feet. The press release can be found here.

On December 1, 2022, ASICS announced the release of the latest version of ASICS STEPNOTETM which had added features. The press release can be found here.

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