Information Security Guiding Principles

ASICS Corporation (the “Company”) has its foundation in its desire to contribute to the development of society by helping young people grow through sports. In order to continue providing products and services which satisfy our customers, we must protect our information assets in this advanced information society from threats such as accidents, disasters and crime, and these Information Security Guiding Principles (these “Principles”) have been stipulated and give direction to the Company’s information security efforts so that we can gain trust from both our customers and society.

1. Establish Internal Structure and Information Security Policy

The Company will establish the necessary management structure to maintain and improve security and stipulate required information security measures as official internal rules.

2. Responsibilities and Continuous Improvements in Leadership

Company management will provide leadership to appropriately manage the information assets of both the Company and its customers through compliance with these Principles.

3. Compliance with Regulations and Contractual Obligations

Employees of the Company will comply with laws, regulations, guidelines and security obligations in customer contracts.

4. Employee Efforts

Employees of the Company will ensure information security efforts through acquiring knowledge and techniques to maintain and improve information security.

5. Handling Violations and Incidents

The Company will maintain a structure to handle violations and information security accidents regarding laws, regulations and guidelines related to information security and customer contracts, in order to reduce the impact of any such violations or incidents.