Information Business in Russia


ASICS Institute of Sport Science (ISS) conducts a wide variety of research, analysing of human form and movement. Additional research and development programs are undertaken in support of production processing technology, products and materials.

SUSTAINABILITY - The ASICS Group is committed to reducing its environmental impact by implementing an environmental management system. Many Group members are ISO 14001 certified.

GLOBALIZATION & INNOVATION- ISS conducts global activities to collaborative research with overseas companies and universities, presentations at international conferences, and paper submissions. ISS is also committed to active interaction with different industries and fields to generate a wider reach.

SERVICES - The Institute conducts R&D not only on products, but also on various service systems, including running clinics, such as 3D Foot Scan and MY ASICS.

Human Attribute Research

The Institute analyzes the changes in form and load on the body during movement. This is different according to sport and gender. The results from this type of research is used to develop the features offered through ASICS products.

Materials Research

The material research laboratory contribute to designing new resin, rubber, and sponge materials used in ASICS footwear to develop even better shoes.

Structural Design Research

Based on the results of Human Attribute Research, the researchers in charge calculates what best fits the human body. Through computer simulation they are able to collect data an evaluate the bodies reactions.

Analytical Evaluation Method Research

The Institute conducts research to set baseline values and new evaluation methods to maintain and improve the quality of products and materials used in sports footwear, clothing and equipment.

Production Technology Research

While researching molding methods, the Institute offers technical guidance for production plants in order to efficiently mass-produce the materials developed at the Institute with no compromise on quality.


Digital and Service Research

Our institute conducts research and development of content and services that leverage both our previous research knowledge and cutting-edge digital technologies such as sensing devices and AI, to deliver high-value-added experiences.