We define risk as the potential incidents of an external or internal factor that may bring about negative impact on us to achieve the ASICS group’s business success or financial goals.


The President and CEO has the responsibility to ensure ASICS group's effective risk management system. The Risk Management Committee has the authority to operate ASICS group's risk management by identifying the risks and allocating the management resources to mitigate the risks. The Risk Management Committee reports to the Board of Directors. The Division Risk Owners are appointed, in principle, from the Divisions' Senior General Managers and/or General Managers, and lead to mitigate the risks and report the progress of mitigating actions. The Risk Management Team carries out activities to maintain our Risk Management operations, and monitor their effectiveness and relevance. The Risk Management Team co-work with the Internal Audit Department(IA).


The objective of ASICS group's risk management system is to support sustainable business growth and protect the company from diverse risks as the business scope expands. ASICS group's risk management system implements the identification, analysis, evaluation, mitigation, monitoring and reporting of the risks. Aligning with our business strategy, our Risk Management Team gathers risk information from the divisions. The Risk Management Committee decides the priority risks based on the business impact and assigns Division Risk Owners for each risk. Mitigation plan of each risk is led by the Division Risk Owners. The Risk Management Team provides advices to them and monitor its progress.


ASICS Risk Management Policy which includes governance model and management systems is available on our intranet.