The ASICS Group (hereinafter, the “Group”) aims for corporate governance so that it can continually raise corporate value and realize an expeditious and highly transparent management conducive to a company that can be relied on by all its stakeholders, particularly its shareholders. As part of this, while working on the development of business management systems, the Group strives for enhancement of supervision and the audit function of corporate management and internal control, the rigorous application of compliance, the improvement of transparency of management activities, and other efforts, and it exercises care to reflect the viewpoint of shareholders in management.

Moreover, the Group’s basic policy on corporate conduct is to conduct business operations in line with the “Corporate Philosophy” set forth below in order to realize its vision to “Create Quality Lifestyle through Intelligent Sport Technology” based on the founding philosophy stated in ASICS SPIRIT, “Anima Sana In Corpore Sano: A sound mind in a sound body.”

• Provide valuable products and services through sport to all our customers

• Fulfill our social responsibility and help improve conditions for communities around the world

• Share profits brought by our sound services with our shareholders, communities and employees

• Maintain a spirit of freedom, fairness and discipline, respectful of all individuals

Basic Policy on Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Report