The floor is designed to offer an interactive, fully immersive experience featuring the remarkable
performance of athletes, sporting footwear, apparel, and equipment.

Displays feats of world-record athletes by showcasing actual equipments used in track & field. Patrons can interactive with actual equipments and footwear. Please feel free to hold them to feel the solid and the weight of equipments.
Also provides history and trivia of track & field and trivialities

Shows the energy and excitement of performances from top athletes on a 138" big screen display.
High speed camera was used to capture three types of athletic movement, Run (the 110 metre hurdles), Jump (the high jump), and Throw (the javelin throw).
Patrons can witness the ultimate beauty and technique of the highly trained athletes.

This attraction offers an immersive experience enhanced by state-of-art LED lighting system. LED lighting system shows an accurate speed of 100m-run, tennis, baseball.

Virtual athletes playing in front of you. 100m-run, tennis, baseball, you can see their serious matches.

Exhibits footwear, apparel, and equipment of various types of sports. Offers trivia games for patrons to test their sports knowledge or simply pick up footwear and try to guess what sports it's used.

The floor explores the remarkable history of ASICS and its corporate vision from its start to the present through the comprehensive products of ASICS.

Showcases a 11 minutes visual presentation of ASICS history composed three-parts,“establishing a global presence”,“shared emotion”and“a passion for production”.

ASICS CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and its activities are presented on interior walls of theater.

Presents ASICS corporate history from its start to the present combining historical facts and the products that define relation to a particular point in history.
Exhibits precious and valuable possessions such as 1st basketball footwear produced by Onitsuka co.,Ltd.

Displays profiles of iconic athletes sponsored by ASICS with actual sporting goods usedg by the athletes.
Unique display enables to see and identify the difference in sole of footwear for each sports.

Presents ASICS activities and supports in various fields with official comprehensive products and more.

Exhibits equipments and goods for various types of sports, and official wear collections for previous major sports events.Also provides design concepts of running shoe and histories of shoe in each of several categories.