GELACE series golf shoes are Released


Shingo Katayama, a professional golf player, contract for re-building of the golf shoe business. Three variations of golf shoes were released from the GELACE series: one top of the line model for men with the same specifications as the shoes actually worn by professional golfer Shingo Katayama, and two (one for women and one for men) that were based on the high-grade model. The shoes which were fully loaded with a function to utilize the know-how that accumulated with running shoes in a design of the sole, in order to reduce the fatigue and be full of stability.


ASICS Ranked 22nd in Japan's Best Global Brands 2010


ASICS was ranked 22nd in Japan's Best Global Brands 2010, compiled by global brand consultancy Interbrand Corporation. This was the second consecutive year the company was listed in the top 30.

ASICS Store Taipei Opens


ASICS Store Taipei was opened in Taiwan as the fifth store worldwide dedicated to ASICS running gear. The store also handled indoor shoes and sneakers to meet the demand of the Taiwanese market.

Tsukuba Distribution Center is Established


The Tsukuba Distribution Center was established as a hub for product distribution in eastern Japan. It gathered products that were previously stored in multiple locations under one roof, and streamlined management and operations.

ONITSUKA TIGER Lay-Up 72 Phoenix (Earthquake Reconstruction Model) are Released


On January 17, the 15th anniversary of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, a limited 150 pairs of shoes with the phoenix motif, supporting reconstruction were released in Japan and abroad. Half the proceeds from sales were donated to the Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution, operated by the Hyogo Earthquake Memorial 21st Century Research Institute.

BC Walker walking shoes are Released


BC Walker was released, introducing the concept of maintaining beautiful walking posture. The shoes featured the Balance Control Bar running from the sole's heel to toe.

President Oyama is Appointed WFSGI President


ASICS President and Representative Director Motoi Oyama was appointed president of the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI), the largest sports industry organization in the world. He became the second ASICS president to serve in this position, following Kihachiro Onitsuka.

ASICS Store Amsterdam Opens


ASICS Store Amsterdam was opened in the Netherlands as a flagship store dedicated to running gear. It introduced the ASICS Running Lab for the first time in a directly managed store outside Japan.

A Bright Tomorrow Through Sport


A Bright Tomorrow Through Sport was launched as a support program for children orphaned by the Great East Japan Earthquake. ASICS sporting goods would be provided on a continuous basis to the children until they reached the age of 19.

ASICS Store Amsterdam Wins Best New Retail Concept 2011


ASICS Store Amsterdam, the directly managed store in the Netherlands, won Best New Retail Concept 2011, a category of the international MAPIC Awards that recognize excellent retailers and retail real estate projects in Europe.

ASICS Store Sao Paulo Opens


ASICS Store Sao Paulo was opened in Brazil as a directly managed store. The company's first store in South America offers shoes for sports popular in Brazil, such as soccer and volleyball.

ASICS Hong Kong Apparel Ltd. is Established


ASICS Hong Kong Apparel Ltd. was established in Hong Kong for the development, production control, and quality control of sports apparel.

My ASICS is Launched


My ASICS was launched in Europe as an online service that offers free running training plans based on scientific theory.

ASICS 33 Collection running shoes are Released.


The new ASICS 33 collection was released under the concept "Natural Running." It featured shoe models designed in pursuit of lightness and comfort that were suitable for a variety of uses including sports, leisure, and town wear.

ASICS America Corporation Distribution Center is Established


ASICS America Corporation began operations of a new distribution warehouse in Marshall County, Mississippi. The subsidiary strengthened its supply structure with the introduction of a high-speed belt conveyor system and automatic product sorter.

Onitsuka Tiger Omotesando Flagship Store Opens


Onitsuka Tiger Omotesando flagship store was opened in Shibuya, Tokyo, to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the revival of the Onitsuka Tiger brand. At 263.1 square meters, the floor area was the largest of all directly managed Onitsuka Tiger stores in the world.

Baseball Line is Introduced Under the ASICS Brand


All baseball goods, including gloves and bats were integrated into the ASICS brand, starting with new products to be released in the 2013 season.

ASICS Store London Oxford Street Opens


ASICS Store London Oxford Street was opened in the capital of the United Kingdom as a directly managed store. It was the second store in London and, at approximately 650 square meters, became one of the largest ASICS flagship stores in the world.

ASICS Store Kobe Opens


ASICS Store Kobe was opened in the Sannomiya district as the third flagship store in Japan following Tokyo's Ginza and Harajuku stores. This was the first store in Kobe, where ASICS was founded and its head office is based. The store comprises three floors with a total area of approximately (264.5 ㎡).

20th generation "GT-2000" running shoes are Released.


GT-2000 New York was released as a global model of running shoes. This marked the 20th model of the GT-2000 series released in 1993.
130125ストアストックホルム _original.jpg

ASICS Store Stockholm opens


ASICS Store Stockholm opens in Stockholm on January 25. This is the 11th ASICS directly managed store globally and the first in Northern Europe.


ASICS top-class series of baseball goods released


Under the slogan Newest, fastest, the Goldstage line of top-class baseball goods is released. This is ASICS's first collection of baseball goods and includes gloves and bats. The goods are noted for their light weights and sense of speed. Developed based on experiments and tests at the ASICS Institute of Sport Science, Goldstage product features promise results.

FUJI TRAIL_original.jpg

Introduction of ASICS FujiTrail Collection of trail running goods


ASICS launches a line of trail running goods for uses spanning road training to competitive races. The collection includes shoes made especially for trail running and highly-functional apparel offering superior windbreaking attributes and moveability.

ASICS ranked 18th among 'Japan's Best Global Brands 2013'


Global brand consulting company Interbrand names ASICS 18th among Japan's Best Global Brands 2013, two notches above the 2012 ranking. Interbrand estimates ASICS's brand value at USD906 million, up 14% from 2012.

ASICS Sports Museum welcomes 5,0000th visitor


The ASICS Sports Museum, which opened on July 2, 2009, welcomes its 50,000th visitor on March 2, 2013. In addition exhibiting past products, the museum holds events to communicate ASICS's founding principle of Contributing locally through the sound education of youth through sport.



ASICS Japan Corporation was newly established to strengthen and expand the business in Japan by separating it from the global headquarters function.

ASICS Store Osaka opens


ASICS brand flagship store ASICS Store Osaka opens, featuring mainly running goods. This is the fourth flagship store in Japan, following stores in Ginza and Harajuku in Tokyo and in Kobe. The Osaka store is the largest in Japan, at approximately 550 square meters. The store features Running Labo, which includes a fee-based service to measure running capacity, and is also the first store to stock non-running goods, including ASICS brand baseball goods.


ASICS Store Sydney opens


ASICS Store Sydney opens in Australia on May 14. This is the 13th ASICS Store globally and the first in Oceania. Shoes for Australia's most popular sports--especially running, but also rugby, cricket, netball, and lawn bowls--are sold.




ONITSUKA TIGER Sydney opens in Australia on May 14. This is the 28th directly-managed ONITSUKA TIGER brand store and the first in Oceania.


ASICS's retail business named International Retailer 2013


ASICS is named International Retailer 2013 by Retail and Leisure International (RLI) . The international award is given to retailers and leisure businesses that excel in their fields throughout the world. The 2013 prize is awarded for ASICS's creative retail concepts in flagship ASICS stores and ASICS brand factory outlets, featuring primarily running goods, as well as for ASICS's global expansion, which have raised ASICS's brand value.

ASICS Sports Mexico, S.A. de C.V., established in Mexico


ASICS Sports Mexico, S.A. de C.V. is established to bolster the sales structure of ASICS products in Mexico.


GEL-KAYANO 20 running shoe released


ASICS releases the 20th model of the GEL-KAYANO TRAINER running shoe, which was first introduced in 1993. The new model features a new 'fluid fit' inner and outer upper structure enclosed in a reinforcing net-like fabric. The structure reduces kick impact and provides a more comfortable fit.



The sales company is established to bolster ASICS's sales structure in South Africa.

President and CEO, Representative Director Oyama is Appointed Vice-President of the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI)


ASICS President and CEO, Representative Director Motoi Oyama is appointed Vice-President of the World Federation of Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI), the world's largest sports industry group. Oyama is the 13th Chairman, serving from February 5, 2011, for three years.

ASICS Trading Co., Ltd. is made a wholly-owned subsidiary


ASICS Trading Co., Ltd. is made a wholly-owned subsidiary in order to achieve goals in the ASICS Growth Plan 2015 (AGP 2015)


ASICS Japan headquarters building completed


On April 3, the new ASICS Japan headquarters in Tokyo's Koto Ward is completed. The new headquarters will be the base for further bolstering Japanese operations. The concept of the new building is Simple, exquisite beauty, and the building features white walls and large glass windows, as well as a showroom that can hold large exhibitions and sales promotional events.

Public sports facilities management business started 


ASICS launches a facilities management business to maintain and manage public sports facilities. The facilities use ASICS's expertise to offer original sports and health promotion programs.

ASICS Sourcing Co., Ltd., (Vietnam) established


ASICS Sourcing Co., Ltd., a sports shoe development and production company, is established in Vietnam.


New logistics center becomes new base in Europe


A new central logistics center, ASICS Europe Logistics Center, is completed in Krefeld, Germany. The new center becomes the company's base in Europe and is intended to improve operational efficiency. ASICS and Onitsuka Tiger brand goods, which had been dispersed in different warehouses throughout Europe, are now managed together.


Functional training specialized day service facility Tryus Nishimiya opens


Tryus, ASICS's first functional training specialized day service facility, opens in Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture. Personalized exercise service programs based on ASICS's unique theory are offered to help improve users' quality of life.


PEDARA WP395K walking shoe released 


The PEDALA (models WP395K, WP255K, WP655K) women's walking shoe series is released. The shoes are designed for use in various environments, including city walking and easy day trips. With an easy-to-slip-on traditional low heel, the PEDALA offers excellent cushioning, while the hand-stitched mocassin delivers a supple feel. The PEDALA is awarded the 2014 Good Design Award by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion.

President and CEO, Representative Director Oyama conferred with award by His Majesty King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands


ASICS President and CEO, Representative Director Motoi Oyama is conferred the Order of Oranje-Nassau (fourth class, Officer) by His Majesty King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands. The honor is in recognition of ASICS establishing the central base for its European activities in the Netherlands, contributing to the economic development of both the Netherlands and Japan as well as to cultural exchanges.

TIMES SQUARE1_original.jpg

ASICS Times Square store opens


ASICS Times Square opens October 18 near Times Square, Manhattan, New York. The new store features primarily running goods.

My ASICS ランニングウォッチ_original.jpg

Running watch interlinked with MY ASICS released  


ASICS releases a watch that can be simply interfaced with online service MY ASICS, which designs personalized running training programs. The watch measures distance, pace, and pitch, and can manage training programs.

Sales company ASICS India Pvt Ltd becomes sales company


ASICS India Pvt. Ltd. is established in 2012 and becomes a sales company in 2015. The new company is created to strengthen sales of ASICS goods within India.


Shoes, apparel, bags, glass, and watch for night running released  


ASICS releases a line of goods for nighttime running under the LITE-SHOW concept. The line includes running shoes, apparel, bags, glasses, and watches that increase visibility for nighttime running using retroreflective materials. The series includes all products needed to enjpy nighttime running.


Tennis shoe GEL-RESOLUTION 6 released 


The tennis shoe is developed for baseline players to control sideways movement and increase foot stability. Players Gael Monfils and Samantha Stosur, both under contract with ASICS, wear the shoe. The GEL-RESOLUTION 6 is awarded the Editor's Choice Award by Tennis Magazine, together with the BZ100 racquet.

Ranked 19th among Japan's Best Global Brands 2015


Global brand consulting company Interbrand names ASICS 19th among Japan's Best Global Brands 2013. Interbrand estimates ASICS's brand value at a record high USD1.259 billion, up 24% from 2013. ASICS is also the only brand in the top 30 with a brand value that has risen by at least 7% for seven straight years since Interbrand began the rankings.


ONITUSKA TIGER Shibuya opens


Directly managed store ONITSUKA TIGER Shibuya opens March 7 in Shibuya. The store is the biggest after the ONITSUKA TIGER Omotesando store, with 180.7 square meters of store space.


Selected as a Health Management Issue


ASICS is named as a Health Management Issue by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry and the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Health Management Issues are selected from companies listed on the TSE and are companies that practice health management for employees as a management strategy. In 2015, 22 companies were named Health Management Issues.


Working shoe [WINJOB CP series] released


ASICS is certified protective sneaker standard and model certification criteria A-class by the Japan Safety Appliances Association (JSAA). ASICS releases a working shoe using new sole materials and structure that offers longer endurance and improved grip. This is part of ASICS's strategy to strengthen its working shoe lineup.


ASICS America Corporation new office opens


ASICS America Corporation's new office is completed in Irvine, California, in order to further expand operations in the US. The new office not only boasts progressive, environmentally-friendly office space designed to improve productivity, but is also outfitted with a sports training center where top athletes and coaches can engage in high-level training.

Facilities management business is launched in Hofu, Yamaguchi Prefecture


ASICS launches a facilities management business at eight public sports facilities in Hofu City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. This is the second city that has contracted ASICS to manage its sports facilities, after Kobe in 2014 (9 facilities).

ASICS Store Suntec City opens


ASICS Store Suntec City opens in Singapore's largest shopping mall Suntec City.


ASICS Select Citywalk opens


ASICS Select City Walk store opens July 12 in New Delhi, offering primarily running goods. This is the first ASICS store in India.

MADE IN JAPAN(GEL-LYTE Ⅲ)_original.jpg

GEL-LYTE III, the first phase of the Made in Japan series, released 


The ASICS Tiger brand is reborn to develop goods for the sports lifestyle market. Under the ASICS Tiger brand, hallmark models from the GEL-LYTE III to the Made in Japan series are launched. The goods are assembled domestically using Japanese materials under the concept The Real Japan and offer the feel of luxury.

Domestic Japanese logistics subsidiary company transferred, logistics operations outsourced


All shares in domestic logistics subsidiary ASICS Logistics Co., Ltd., are transferred to Marubeni's wholly-owned subsidiary Marubeni Logistics. Domestic logistics operations are outsourced to Marubeni Group.


GEL-QUANTUM 360 running shoe released


The ultimate in shock absorption comes full circle with the most GEL® ever.

MetaRun_0 _original.jpg

MetaRun running shoe released


The future of footwear technology is reveled with ASICS best ever running shoe. Scientists at the ASICS Institute of Sport Science set out on a mission with a clear objective and spend three years: make the best ASICS long-distance running shoe possible. Equipped with five new groundbreaking technologies that adapt to individual runner requirements, ASICS scientists have gone further than ever before to maximize all four core long-distance running functions, lightweight, stability, fit and cushioning.

ASICS restructures its Japanese business


The ASICS group pushes forward organizational reform for sustained growth, in part entailing the restructuring of the business in Japan. A special transfer support program (September 2015), and the merging of the ASICS Sales company and Hoglofs Japan into ASICS Japan (January 1, 2015) , helped to accelerate decision making and strengthen sales in the Japan market due to the streamlining of the organizational structure. The plan improved profitability.

The anniversary lineup will feature a new model commemorating 50 years of the Onitsuka Tiger Stripes, the MEXICO DELEGATION; new item MEXICO 66 SAECULI; as well as Onitsuka Tiger’s flagship model MEXICO 66.


The "Onitsuka Tiger stripe" is the shoe stripe design which Onitsuka Co., Ltd. created for 1968 Mexico Olympic games, adopted in the 'LIMBER' ASICS training shoes for the first time in 1966. There shoes were highly appreciated at the time by athletes for their great fit and strong durability.

As the shoe aged, it came to be appreciated by the youth for its cute, retro design, and would go on to become one of the icons of the Onitsuka Tiger brand.

The MEXICO DELEGATION was the "delegation shoes" for the Japan Olympic team in the Mexico games. The "LIMBER" is one of shoes that adopted Onitsuka Tiger stripe at first time, revived in the 50th anniversary of its birth.


ASICS ranked 17th among 'Japan's Best Global Brands 2016'


Global brand consulting company Interbrand names ASICS 17th among Japan's Best Global Brands 2016, two notches above the 2015 ranking. Interbrand estimates ASICS's brand value at USD1,254 million.

fuzeX Running shoe released


ASICS unveils a complete new collection of running footwear and apparel, fuzeX. Designed to meet the needs of a new generation of runners looking for versatility and design, fuzeX provides the ideal balance between performance and style. Featuring fuzeGEL, a new lightweight midsole developed by ASICS Institute of Sport Science in Kobe, Japan.

GEL-LYTE One Eighty released under the ASICS TIGER brand


ASICS Tiger introduces the GEL-LYTE ONE EIGHTY, a new item inspired by the classic GEL-LYTE III and infusing tooling design of performance running shoe the GEL-QUANTUM 360.The ASICS Tiger logo featured on the upper edge and bold color blocking create a design with impact. GEL lines 180 degrees of the heel portion through the mid-sole, combining high cushioning and comfort with design.The GEL-LYTE ONE EIGHTY is based on a classic ASICS Tiger model and updates both the design and function of the original shoe. Each step will be a flash of uniqueness.

Notification of Acquisition of Shares in FitnessKeeper, Inc. (U.S.) by ASICS Corporation and Conversion into a Subsidiary


Established in 2008, FitnessKeeper is the operator of fitness tracking app "Runkeeper", an application that can track and record fitness activities such as running, walking and cycling through GPS on smartphone devices. "Runkeeper" is a world-class leader in the fitness tracking app category and has over 33 million registered users in the U.S. and worldwide. It provides users with notifications of running distance and pace during exercise, as well as functions to record, manage and analyze activities which help users visualize and achieve their fitness goals, and ultimately make sports more fun for the users.The fitness tracking app market is expected to expand with the increased health-awareness from consumers, growth of the smartphone market worldwide and advancement of wearable technologies. ASICS reached a decision on this Acquisition as we believe that the integration of "Runkeeper’s" globally recognized brand and worldwide user base with ASICS’ technological competence in manufacturing will lead to continued enhancement of our corporate value. Through this Acquisition ASICS will be able to establish a one-to-one marketing channel utilizing user data including fitness information and obtain a digital technology development platform that is led by a management team with extensive experiences in this field.

ASICS Tiger launches apparel collection for the first time


ASICS Tiger launches its apparel collection for the very first time, in collaboration with the high-quality cut and sew brand "Reigning Champ" of Canada.

ASICS launches the GELBURST 20th on the 20th anniversary of the series.


since its release in 1997. When the developer for the first model visited a basketball club, he was impressed by the "students hard practice in a hot gymnasium during the summer" -- this was the inspiration for the name GELBURST. It was inspired from sweat "burst(ing)" through the pores.

ASICS MIDDLE East LLC established


The sales company is established to bolster ASICS's sales structure in Dubai, UAE.

ASICS Commits to ‘Science- Based Targets’ in 2020 Sustainability Strategy


ASICS looks toward 2020 with the launch of the 2020 Sustainability Strategy based on the company’s priority material issues and ASICS Growth Plan (AGP) 2020.ASICS has already taken steps toward these goals in 2015, including a commitment to setting ‘Science-Based Targets’ for CO2 reduction.



ASICS launches the ‘FLAME SERIES,’ a specially designed global line of footwear inspired by ‘connection.’ The new series features 19 products across six key sports – track & field, tennis, rugby, hockey, volleyball and wrestling.Aiming to inspire people around the world, the FLAME SERIES extends ASICS’ dedication to athletes by tapping into their shared passion, hope, and joy from sports. The FLAME SERIES inspires lovers of sport – from everyday to elite athletes who aim for greater achievement.ASICS’ FLAME SERIES has been designed to represent the idea of connecting. It is a visual expression of the uniting spirit of sports that connects the “mind with body” as well as the “past with future.”



ASICS launches DynaFlyte, its lightest-ever cushioning shoe for runners who want speed. Delivering both lightweight and cushioning, DynaFlyte unlocks runners’ speed so they can run fast at any distance. Featuring a full-length FlyteFoam midsole, DynaFlyte is the first product that allows everyday runners to experience ASICS’ latest patented1 midsole technology in its purest form.FlyteFoam is approximately 55% lighter than the industry standard and is ASICS’ lightest midsole.

Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) Index ASICS Selected for inclusion in FTSE4Good Global Index for First Time


ASICS has been selected as a component company in the FTSE4Good Global Index, a leading global index of Socially Responsible Investment (SRI). This is the first time ASICS has been included.The FTSE4Good Global Index is a globally-recognized SRI index created by FTSE Russell※. The sustainability of companies around the world is evaluated from three perspectives––in terms of environment, society, and governance–– to assess a company’s eligibility for inclusion in the index. FTSE Russell has developed its own criteria to evaluate approximately 2,000 companies from 23 countries. As of end-June 2016, the index was comprised of 823 companies, including 160 from Japan.ASICS is also a component company of two other global SRI indices, the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI), created by S&P Dow Jones (US) and research and rating company RobecoSAM (Switzerland) in continuing two years, as well as the MSCI Global Sustainability Indexes, compiled by US company MSCI.

ASICS Store Huai Hai Road opens, the first flagship store in China


The first ASICS flagship store in China opened in the city of Shanghai.



ASICS launches fuzeX TR, a versatile training shoe that leverages lightweight cushioning and cross-functional design to offer greater workout efficiency. fuzeX TR is an all-in-one shoe that delivers support to athletes across a variety of fitness backgrounds and levels of expertise. From high intensity interval training (HIIT), lifting free weights to running on a treadmill, fuzeX TR is the go-to shoe for a wide range of training activities.

1st Flagship store “ASICS Tiger OSAKA SHINSAIBASHI” opens


1st Flagship store “ASICS Tiger OSAKA SHINSAIBASHI” opens in Osaka.

Redesign of the “ASICS TIGER” brand logo


Peckolick is a graphic designer, artist, and photographer born in New York in 1940. He was assistant of the renowned designer Herb Lubalin who designed the ASICS corporate trademark when ASICS was founded in 1977. The first product campaign to use the new brand logo will be “CHAMELEOID MESH.” Based on the campaign’s “TRANSFORM COLOR.” concept.

ASICS Tiger releases the CHAMELEOID MESH PACK lineup featuring CHAMELEOID MESH


ASICS Tiger releases the CHAMELEOID MESH PACK lineup featuring CHAMELEOID MESH. CHAMELEOID MESH is a new fabric that appears to change colors with the angle of view.



The sales company is established to bolster ASICS's sales structure in Bangkok, Thailand.

The GEL 30th Anniversary Commemorative Model released.


ASICS Tiger launches the Gel 30th Anniversary Commemorative Model “GEL-LYTE Ⅲ,GEL-LYTE V,GT-COOL XPRESS”.

ASICS Ventures Corporation established


An Investment Subsidiary to Accelerate Business Tie-ups with Startup Companies Establishment of “ASICS Ventures Corporation”.

ASICS Chile Ltd and ASICS Peru Ltd established


The sales company is established to bolster ASICS's sales structure in Chile and Peru.


COURT FF tennis shoe released


Adopted the most lightweight mid sole material in the history of ASICS tennis footwear. adopted the "monosock" structure which become unified tongue portion and ankle portion by using high elastic material, which provides high fitting with a soft foot hit.


ONITSUKA TIGER Lawnship2.0 and GSM is Released


Onitsuka Tiger releases the basic court shoes "GSM (Game Set Match)" as brand icon for the season, and tennis shoes "LAWNSHIP 2.0".




Based on the first model of "GEL-KAYANO" ,ASICS Tiger released the new model used stretch knit to the upper which make custom, sock-line fit. Its monosock structure and rubber ASICS Stripe on the midosole represent a fusion of iconic style and advanced technology.


ASICS launches the FlyteFoam™ Fast Series


ASICS launches the FlyteFoam™ Fast Series: NOOSA FF™, GEL-DS TRAINER™ 22 and a color-updated DynaFlyte™, to bring the FlyteFoam experience to runners who want to feel faster. Powered by ASICS’ patented FlyteFoam midsole technology, the FlyteFoam Fast Series caters to runners across a broad range foot types and running styles.


ASICS's first exclusive women shop "ASICS WOMEN Marronnier Gate Ginza2" Opened


It had it mainly on apparel and footwear suitable for training and running, established the exclusive use sections of the bra top and tights and established "ASICS QUICK SCAN" which could measure own foot type free in a short time. In addition, it hold various events for a woman enjoying sports at any time.

Motoi Oyama is Appointed New Chairman, President and CEO, Representative Director


Reason for change : In order to respond to the expansion of the business scale and to the changes in the global business environment .


ASICS Tiger Concept Store Opens in Garosugil


ASICS Tiger brand concept store on Garosugil Road in Seoul’s Sinsa-dong area is opend on April 7. The ASICS Tiger Garosugil Road Store is the second ASICS Tiger brand concept standalone store, following the first in Osaka’s Shinsaibashi.


Onitsuka Tiger Launches Premiere US Pop-Up Store and Gallery in SOHO NY


Elevated fashion - inspired heritage brand Onitsuka Tiger, the forerunner of ASICS, unveils a pop-up gallery store in Soho this Spring to celebrate the brand’s arrival in New York and create awareness of the iconic lifestyle brand launching Thursday, April 6, 2017.


ASICS Sports Museum welcomes 100,000th visitor


The ASICS Sports Museum, which opened on July 2, 2009, welcomes its 100,000th visitor on April 12, 2017. In addition exhibiting past products, the museum holds events to communicate ASICS's founding principle of Contributing locally through the sound education of youth through sport.




ASICS JAPAN opens New Facility "ASICS CONNECTION TOKYO" equipped with café and fitness studio at Sumida-ku, Tokyo on May 18, 2017. The concept is "Sustainable Community Space". For local residents and domestic and foreign tourists visit to the Sumida River area, target the place that people gather and comes and goes consistently while perform the lifestyle suggestion that assumed sports an axis sustainably. Also cooperate with a business partner while utilizing the brand assets which ASICS holds. It consists of two floors, the first floor administers cafe and reception, the second floor is established fitness studio and the shower institution.


SAN-IN ASICS Industry Co,Ltd. Opened New Factory buiding and re-built.


Reinforced the production system of high value-added products taking advantage of a characteristic of "made of Japan". Besides, The factory is aimed for experiment of inovation by ISS and improvement of manufacturing process of Asics group.

Work Style Reforms at ASICS


ASICS and ASICS Japan will introduce Work Style Reforms for all company employees from July. One component of ASICS’ medium-term business strategy, “AGP2020”, is “Develop people and the team”. We plan to achieve this by establishing HR systems and an environment to fully maximize the performance of our diverse employees. The Work Style Reforms will help us become one step closer to our business strategy and will actively promote the changes.

The keywords are “Autonomy” and “Raising productivity”. We will introduce work style reforms to encourage working autonomously based on individual business demands and backgrounds, also, in order to achieve meaningful results methodically and efficiently. We hope these efforts will contribute to creating an appealing workplace which will allow our diverse human resources to bring out the most of their potentials and become innovative.


GEL-KENUN running shoe released


Taking inspiration from the cirrus cloud, ‘kenun’ in Japanese, the GEL-KENUN is designed to make you look and feel as though you are running on clouds. With a flexible mesh upper and rear foot GEL, the GEL-KENUN is fit to energize every step with a street-worthy look.




The new "GEL-KAYANO TRAINER KNIT" remodeled from the spring, has adopted "SPACE DYE", which is the technology of dyeing yarn with multiple colors, to the upper. The unique and warm color yarn and rubber ASICS stripes make the shoe unique.


ONITSUKA TIGER launches Soft Marty series


Onitsuka Tiger releases "MEXICO66", "GSM" and "TIGER CORSAIR" as part of the "Soft Marty Series". The upper uses a special tanning process to create metal free leather which eliminates any harmful effects to the human body. The design uses a technique called "micro-knifing" which makes fine cuts on the material to create a brushed appearance which results in an eye-catching design element that combines a plain tone with a casual touch.




offering for consumers, the store will showcase how ASICS can be part of every area of their lives and open a new channel for the brand to reach a wider variety of shoppers.


ASICS APPAREL Industory Co,Ltd. Completed New Factory building


The new factory, which moved to Echizen city, Fukui prefecture on August 17, 2017 and started operation, is the factory unified with Fukui factory and the Takefu factory which ASICS had in Echizen city. Built the production system which could cope precisely with the various demands of customer by raising flexibility of an employee and the equipment installation. In addition, built for the purpose to realize many kinds production, small lot production, the short appointed date of delivery production.


World's First Onitsuka Tiger NIPPON MADE Retail Store to Open


ASICS announces the opening of Onitsuka Tiger Omotesando NIPPON MADE in Tokyo’s Omotesando district September 29. The store will be the world’s first NIPPON MADE series retail store under the Onitsuka Tiger brand.The NIPPON MADE series, which debuted in 2008, is a line of Onitsuka Tiger goods that features exacting made-in-Japan detail. Skilled artisans create retro, sophisticated textures using fine-quality leather, producing meticulous precision in crafting items individually under the concept of ‘the real Japan.’ Onitsuka Tiger’s top-most line, the NIPPON MADE series is the product of collaboration with prominent designers using Japanese traditional techniques. The line has proven popular both in Japan and overseas.




ASICS Harajuku Flagship is located on the vibrant intersection of Meiji Street and Takeshita Street, popular amongst fashion-conscious shoppers in Japan and from around the world. The store will be Japan’s first flagship store to showcase the integration of three brands, ASICS, sports lifestyle brand ASICSTIGER, and outdoor brand Haglöfs under one roof. All three brands will be featured together in the elevated retail space to present the sophisticated lifestyles through sports and fashion product offering for a wider variety of shoppers. ASICS Harajuku Flagship offers several new and unique experiences for customers with innovation overseen and developed by the ASICS Institute of Sports Science. An in-store service includes the new ASICS FITNESS LAB, a scientific measurement service especially for female customers. Also includes an ASICS Custom Apparel Service and ASICS FOOT ID leveraging the brand’s strength based on intelligent sport technology.




ASICSTIGER Lafayette SOHO was opened in New York City on November 2. The directly operated retail store will be ASICSTIGER’s first concept store in the U.S.


ASICS Opens Doors to First Flagship Retail Location on Fifth Avenue in New York City


ASICS opens the doors to its first U.S. flagship store featuring two brands in the ASICS family – ASICS and ASICSTIGER. The new store on the famed Fifth Avenue in New York City is designed to represent its storied heritage and its mantra and trademark, SOUND MIND, SOUND BODY as well as unveil a new platform for the brand to reach a wider variety of consumers.