ASICS researching building
Research building bird's eye view

ASICS Research Institute of Sports Science is Completed


The ASICS Research Institute of Sports Science, built for the purpose of carrying out research and development of sports gear, is completed in Kobe City.

The Institute is tasked with conducting more detailed and wider-ranging research into sports from a scientific standpoint. It is equipped with an all-weather athletic track with three different types of surface, two types of tennis court, a pool, an experimental gymnasium, an environmental laboratory that allows free control of temperature and humidity, a multi-purpose laboratory, a computer network system, a product laboratory, a sports medicine laboratory, and a training room.

Seiji Mihara portrait

Seiji Mihara is Appointed President and Kihachiro Onitsuka is Appointed Chairman of the Board


At the 37th Regular General Meeting of Stockholders, Seiji Mihara is appointed President and Representative Director, and Kihachiro Onitsuka is appointed Chairman of the Board and Representative Director. The event marks the start of new leadership for ASICS.

new asics logo

New Promotional Logo is Unveiled


A stylized letter 'a', the initial letter of ASICS, is adopted as a motif intended to express the idea of unlimited speed and the dynamism of sports. Its spiral structure evokes how the related businesses all rotate around the axis of ASICS core competence.

Soccer shoes in white and black
Soccer shoes in yellow and black
Soccer shoes in black and white

INJECTOR 2002 Soccer Shoe is Released


The direct injection process is used in domestic production. Representative products include the INJECTOR 2002 (1992), INJECTOR LUGO (1991), and INJECTOR CREMA (1989). The products become longtime best sellers.

Speed-focused basketball shoes
Speed-focused basketball shoes in blue and red

Speed-Focused Basketball Shoe is Released


Release of the GEL-SPOTLYTE basketball shoe, which is developed around the concepts of light weight for running and strong impact cushioning for players who place importance on speed.

The shoe is characterized by bold thinking and unique design features that overturn the existing concept of a basketball shoe, such as getting rid of the rubber cup sole at the heel to save weight.

1992 Arimori

Yuko Arimori Wears Our Shoes


Yuko Arimori (silver medalist in the International women's marathon in 1992) wears our marathon shoes to great success in various competitions.

Penta-claw baseball shose

PENTA-CLAW (Five-Claw) Baseball Cleat is Released


Whereas conventional baseball cleats generally had three teeth each on the front and the heel, the newly developed cleat features the PENTA CLAW (five-claw) design on the front of the foot.

The model becomes the forerunner of current shoes with multi-toothed metal fittings. Later, other designs are announced, including the SPIDER CLAW (eight-claw) and DIGX CLAW.

gel-kayano shoes - blue and white

GEL-KAYANO TRAINER Performance Running Shoe is Released


Release of the first model in the GEL-KAYANO series.

It is a running shoe developed with the goal of comfort and protection in order to allow overpronating runners to comfortably cover long distances. This is a longtime best seller. The source of the name "KAYANO" is the shoe's designer/developer, Mr. Toshikazu Kayano.

GT-2000 running shoes

GT-2000 Performance Running Shoe is Released


Release of the first model in the GT-2000 series.

It is a running shoe developed with the goal of comfort and protection in order to allow overpronators to comfortably cover long distances. The design is focused more on speed than the GEL-KAYANO series, and is therefore lighter. Like the GEL-KAYANO series, this is a longtime best seller.

Europe sales management office building

Europe Sales Management Company ASICS Europe B.V. is Established


ASICS Europe B.V. is established in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, as an overall controlling company for the many bases that are established in Europe.

1994 Koss

Johan Olav Koss Wears ASICS


Johan Olav Koss of Norway (gold medalist in the International 1500, 5000, and 10,000 meter events in 1994) wears our speed skating suit to great success.

Yoshiyuki Takahashi

Yoshiyuki Takahashi is Appointed President


Representative Director and Vice-President Yoshiyuki Takahashi is appointed as the new president. He begins by initiating a reconstruction based on "looking outward, looking upward, and looking forward".

Cyberzero shoes red and white
cyberzero technology diagram

CYBERZERO Next-Generation Track and Field Spike is Released


This sprint spike is developed based on the concept of "Zero Loss Power."

A notable point of the design is the lack of shoelaces—the shoes are held to the foot with a three-point supporting belt. It is an innovative sprint spike with state-of-the-art technology, including a Kevlar twill weave (carbon fiber) in the upper to provide enhanced forefoot stability, while in the sole, the one-piece plate and sculpted heel counter deliver high rigidity to prevent twisting and distortion of the shoe.

SUKU² (SUKU-SUKU) Kids’ Shoe is Released1
GELBURST Basketball Shoe Series is Released

GEL BURST Basketball Shoe Series is Released


This basketball shoe is designed especially for student players seeking breathability while playing.

The upper features a Russell mesh, and the sole is equipped with a "magic ventilation system" with ventilation holes through the outsole and midsole. Later, the shoe was made lighter, and its lightness and breathability made it popular with junior and high school players. The "GELBURST 20th" model was released in 2016 in celebration of the shoe's 20th anniversary. The product name BURST evokes the idea of "bursting out in a sweat."

SUKU² (SUKU-SUKU) Kids’ Shoe is Released

SUKU SUKU Kids’ Shoe is Released


A kids' shoe based on the concept of "supporting healthy growth of young feet".

The shoe is designed based on studies of children's footprints and gait patterns at the "Institute of Sports Science". The product name refers to "SUKU²(SUKU-SUKU)", a Japanese expression meaning "to grow up quickly".

Running Shoe with SpEVA Midsole is Released1
Running Shoe with SpEVA Midsole is Released2
Running Shoe with SpEVA Midsole is Released3

Running Shoe with SpEVA Midsole is Released


SpEVA is a new midsole material with 20% more resilience than its predecessor EVA as well as better cushioning of impacts. It is adopted in a number of product categories, notably the TARTHER SPEVA CF running shoe.

Notable features include the rubber ball-like structure and special components that ease the shock of landing and convert the absorbed energy into recoil force. The new material changes the repulsion force to a driving force to increase the speed of the runner.

GEL-NIMBUS Performance Running Shoe is Released

GEL-NIMBUS Performance Running Shoe is Released


Release of the GEL-NIMBUS, a shoe aimed at neutral runner to supinators, expanding the product lineup of performance running shoes.

The shoe is substantially different from the GEL-KAYANO and GT-2000 series, featuring functions to prevent overpronation, wider soles, and a thick-soled midsole for enhanced cushioning. This is a longtime best seller.
The name NIMBUS is derived from the term "cumulonimbus cloud," evoking properties of lightness and softness.