LAWNSHIP Tennis Wear is Released


The line was the start of total development from the LAWNSHIP tennis shoes. It later expanded to include even rackets.

EMPEROR Golf Wear is Released


As a total development of the golf shoes developed since the Onitsuka Co., Ltd. era, the company made a full move into the golf wear market. This "total" golf goods strategy would later be inherited to the FOUNDERS Club.

DIANA Swimwear is Released


Competition swimwear was developed and sold in a technical tie-up with Italian company DIANA. Swimwear made of woven fabric was revolutionary at a time when two-way tricot was the mainstream. DIANA later evolved into two lines: the ASICS brand for competitions, and the COMO DIANA brand for fitness.

SAVAS Sports Supplement is Released


The company entered a sales contract with Meiji Seika and released the SAVAS sports supplement, which allowed athletes to easily replenish essential nutrition.

DACHSTEIN Ski Boots are Released


The company concluded a sales contract with Austrian company DACHSTEIN and started sales of ski boots. The upper shell had a canted construction that allowed for angle adjustment, achieving ski boots that fitted perfectly against the shinbone. An inner boot was developed with a foam material injected along the inside, and then shaped, so that it fit tightly regardless of the user's foot shape.

TIGER PAW HJ-81 track & field shoes are Released


This model is designed exclusively for the backward jump of the all-weather track. The thickness of midsole is beveled from the medial side to the lateral side in order to provide both highly stabilized feeling and agile cornering performance in the acceleration for the first time in the world.


PETER STEINEBRONN Skiwear is Released


Skiwear was developed and sold in a technical tie-up with PETER STEINEBRONN of West Germany. The line was developed as part of the multi-brand strategy for skiwear, and was introduced in the top fashion zone of the wear that ASICS developed.

TIGERRUG series rugby shoes are released


It was first rugby spikes which was made by company itself. (Onitsuka Co.,Ltd. had sold rugby shoes made by Ushitora Co.,Ltd. as a distributor from 1972.) The products for different positions like Forward, Back and all-round were released.


ASICS Tiger Corporation is Established


ASICS Sports of America Inc. was renamed and ASICS Tiger Corporation was established in Irvine, California.

Listed on Luxembourg Stock Exchange


The company was listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange in Luxembourg.

SKYSENSOR Lightweight Jogging Shoes are Released


It was sold overseas as X-CALIBER in 1980. It used EVA mid-sole for the first time and was then-lightest weight model at the time of the jogging boom.


TONEY PENNA Golf Clubs are Released


With the expansion of the golf equipment market, the company added to its shoes and wear lineup by entering a sales contract for imported TONEY PENNA golf clubs. ASICS brand golf clubs were subsequently released in 1983.

MARATHON SORTIE marathon shoes are Released


First shoes of the SORTIE series. This model was designed exclusively for the race that adopted last for speed marathon. Elsewhere, the midsole used the super lightweight material EVA and which had more than 10 holes could not be seen from outside, seeking weight reduction and fusing lightweight and flexibility at an ever higher level. In addition, the outsole adopted the new sole of the variable elastic sucker point design.


WRESTLING MS-81 are Released


All the conventional wrestling shoes are abolished turns. 3 sku that matched with "WRESTLING N-81" and "WRESTLING J" were released at the same time. The lineup of wrestling shoes was renovated. The upper utilized the doubled-weaving mesh provided breathability, while the lining material provided improved the swat-absorbent cotton. Improved flexibility by thinning the thickness of the sole, realized the progressing of smooth foot by the round wdge shape of the sole.


LEVINNER Gymnastics Wear is Released.


ASICS's policy of developing products to cover all athletic events was being promoted in sportswear as well at the time, and the LEVINNER gymnastics competition sportswear was released.


SKYHAND Handball Wear is Released


The name of the brand SKYHAND was inspired by the image of mid-air battles of handball. The lineup with cutting designed around the unique movements of handball players was used by top teams as specialty sportswear.

FABRE SUPER LIGHT basketball shoes are released.


This is the first basketball shoes using the EVA in the midsole. It was a new and innovative lightweight model which was well accepted by athletes asking for lightness.

PR 1982 ウインクロス_original.jpg

EMPEROR WINCROSS golf shoes are Released.


The golf shoes like a super lightweight jogging shoes acrossed the common sense while adopting a midsole structure to flatsole. A upper was used GORETEX and the sole was used NYLON for all weather. It released the "EMPEROR URBAN" of without ASICS Stripe at the same time.


Listed on Singapore Exchange


The company was listed on the Singapore Exchange in Singapore.



In order for the conventional ready-made general-use uniforms to meet the diversifying needs of users, the EASY ORDER UNIFORM was released in which users could select material, style, line, color, and size. The company aimed to increase sales quantity with a short delivery time.

GYM FP gymnastics shoes are Released


This model was designed exclusively for vault. The upper utilized sewed ASICS stripes combined with the highly advanced sockliner featuring cotton pile for improved absorbency, while the characteristic outsole design provided improved traction in all directions on surfaces.


LAWNSHIP PRESTIGE Tennis Shoes are Released


Previous tennis shoe soles had full length cups as a matter of course, but the challenge toward a new construction was met with the LAWNSHIP Prestige. With a cup-shaped toe and heel, and exposed cushioning on the arch, the sole provided for an innovative model. Besides, EVA was used in the midsole of tennis shoes for the first time.


ATTACK Table Tennis Wear is Released


The first competition use table tennis wear, ATTACK, was released.

RAGAR Rugby Wear is Released


The first competition use rugby wear, RAGAR, was released. In addition to shoes which was already sold in 1980, it was designed to expand total collection of rugby items.




The first cheerleader wear was created.

NUOVA DIANA Swimwear is Released


The new brand NUOVA DIANA was launched from the Italian swimwear DIANA released in 1979.

JANERIVER Outdoor Wear is Released


JANERIVER was a ladies' line spin-off of TARAS BOULBA. It offered a total ensemble down to the shoes in order to newly expand into the ladies market.

Listed on Frankfurt and Vienna Stock Exchanges


The company was listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in the Federal Republic of Germany, and the Vienna Stock Exchange in Austria.

President Onitsuka is Appointed WFSGI President


President Onitsuka who was the president of Association of Japan Sporting Goods Industries (JASPO), was appointed the third president of the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI) at the 1983 Annual Meeting held on September 15th in Zurich, Switzerland.


PEDALA Walking Shoes are Released


PEDALA was created from the concept good health is achieved through walking. When marching, Onitsuka Kihachiro (the founder) wanted to get sports shoes-like leather shoes to go with a blazer. The name PEDALA comes from the Latin for "foot."The products were in two lines to select shoes on a road-surface condition: County (for the suburbs) and Downtown (for the city). This model was produced using the know-how cultivated through sports shoe development in order to leather shoes. Later, these were used by the Olympics team for marches. In 1983, it was only PEDALA of the casual style. WALLAGE of the dress style, SALUTIS of the sports style were added later, and a variety of walking shoes were developed.


GOOD SHOT Ground Golf Equipment is Released


Ground golf was a new sport put forward by the Tomari Village (now part of Yurihama Town, Tottori Prefecture) Board of Education under the Lifetime Sports Promotion Project by the then-Ministry of Education, Science and Culture. ASICS actively supported popularization of the game by conducting training lectures and lending, in addition to developing and selling, specialty equipment.

ASICS Brand Golf Clubs are Released


The company started sales of ASICS brand golf clubs. The lineup included such models as the EMPEROR, the TRASER, and the ASICS '83, which incorporated a "bio-balance" design created through biomechanics that explains the mechanisms of human body movement.

SAFETY WAVE FLOAT Wave-Dampening Pool Lane Ropes are Released


The SAFETY WAVE FLOAT competition-use pool lane ropes were released, which offered effective wave-dampening performance with built-on fins. Rather than stringing separate flotation devices on the rope, as was the case with conventional products, the rope itself was made of low-density EVA resin foam to provide buoyancy and secure safety for swimmers. They were used at the 9th Asian Games in New Delhi.

Ropes, Helmets, etc. Authorized by the Japan Tug of War Federation are Released


Tug of war was an Olympic event from the 2nd Games in Paris (1900) to the 7th Games in Antwerp (1920). With the start of the All-Japan Tug of War Championship in 1981, the Japan Tug of War Federation requested the company to release official equipment such as ropes and helmets.



The American casual style RAWLINGS OUTFIT was released looking to enter the town casual market.

EMPEROR ALL-ROUND 767 golf shoes are Released


Many colors of a resin plate could be stored with allowance, and diversification of design could be sufficiently properly coped with. Therefore even domestic injection production was adopted to many products. Above all, the sole of golf was made a lot in a short term. A new sole was adopted with EMPEROR Allaround 767. Both ball part and heel part were unified with a horseshoe-shape. Apparently, the thought of the shank is expressed well. Pieces were usually made by ejection at the same time, too. However, the leather piece enhanced luxurious feel significantly.


ALLTY 700 are Released


Allty series was released. It was developed for more integrated/ total body building after the training shoes were reviewed scientifically. It had function for making all-direction movement precisely and for easy-to-run.


TARTHER jogging shoes are released


It was the first shoes of TARTHER series that succeeded in lightweight and great fit. It was an innovative product using Pyramid sole which featured the high hardness gray EVA was placed in medial side of the midsole, and the low hardness white EVA was placed outward of the midsole to prevent overpronation.


FRED WIN Sleepwear is Released


FRED WIN sleepwear was developed with the theme "pleasant sleep." The lineup consisted of products that incorporated forest therapy effects and helped against insomnia and sleep chills.

NEVADA jogging shoes are released


It was a model for volume sale which was supported by strategical sales promotion in the jogging boom at that time. It had new type sole with stabilization structure to absorb smoothly strong/ weak shocks.

PR 1984 ターサーSPS_original.JPG

TARTHER SPS jogging shoes are Released


Running shoes (jogging shoes) which used the compression molded midsole for the first time. The bottom surface of sole was flat as for the conventional jogging shoes. It is the first generation shoes which was designed Spring Midsole structure (sculpted midfoot area) suitable for Stride Running form that succeeded the concept of SPRING UP shoes of 1958.


ASICS Tiger Brazil is Established


ASICS Tiger Brazil was established as a local subsidiary in San Paulo, Brazil.

ASICS TIGON Junior Shoes are Released


The ASICS TIGON junior shoes were released to expand into new markets.

ASICS Hard-ball Tennis Racket is Released


The ASICS brand tennis racket was released, offering a total lineup of tennis goods following shoes and wear. Five types of hard-ball racket, such as the SEED 1, were developed to accommodate the different play styles of high school, university, and professional tournament players.

ALPINA Ski Goggles are Released in a Sales Contract with ALPINA, West Germany


The company signed a sales contract with West German company ALPINA for the development and sales of ski goggles.

Dave Pelz FEATHER LITE Golf Clubs are Released


The company released golf clubs in a tie-up with Dave Pelz, master of the short game. The PELZ LITE incorporated a "bio-balance" design in which increased head speed compensated for loss from reduced head weight. It allowed the player to constantly hit his or her aimed distance.

Premium Oiled Baseball Glove Series is Released


The Premium oiled baseball glove series was released, in which a special oil was penetrated into the leather itself to increase friction when catching the ball. The glove acted to rapidly brake the ball's rotation, making accurate catching possible.

DANIEL HECHTER Skiwear is Released


Skiwear was developed and released in a technical tie-up with French company DANIEL HECHTER.

New Head Office Building is Completed in Kobe Port Island


A new head office building was completed on July 10 in Kobe Port Island, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, and operations were relocated. The new head office consisted of 8 floors above ground and one below on a site of 2,000 tsubo (6,611m2), with the domed building covering 1,160 tsubo (3,834 m2), and a floor area of 5,710 tsubo (18,876m2). The atrium surrounded by three buildings is 14.6m high, with an ergonomic space the size of two volleyball courts. The head office building was an "intelligent building" equipped with the latest office automation (OA) systems and facilities in anticipation of rapid advances in IT and new media. A total of 1,300 guests including government officials, various sports associations, customers, and members of the press attended the reception on July 26, and congratulated President Kihachiro Onitsuka, the first Chairman of the Kobe Fashion Town Network (KFT), and who worked for the development of Kobe Port Island. The atrium was used for location filming of the popular TV drama Taiyo ni Hoero! in 1987. It has also been used for international conferences and various events of various sports associations, contributing to a better image of Kobe, the "Fashion City."

PEDALA WP7615 Walking Shoes are Released


The model was developed as the ladies version of the WP7215. It became famous as the first shoes worn by the Japanese centenarian twins Kin and Gin. Like the WP7215, the WP7615 was used as the delegation shoe for the Japanese team at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

JOYPUS Stationery is Released


The JOYPUS line of stationery goods was released in sporty colors that allowed users to have fun while they learned. The lineup included markers, ballpoint pens, mechanical pencils, erasers, clips, rulers, tin pencil cases, report paper, loose-leaf notebooks, and ring binders.



Metal bats for rubber-ball baseball were released, which had natural cork compressed within the hitting area like the divisions of bamboo. By enlarging the "sweet spot," rebound force was considerably increased.

F2 Sailboard is Released


The company concluded a contract with Peter Brockhaus GmbH & Co. (F2/FUN and FUNCTION) for the overall import and distribution of the Salzburg, Austria, company's windsurfing products in Japan. This high-performance product was rolled out globally as the No. 1 windsurfing board used by Bjoern Dunkerbeck, the World Cup champion at the time. It awarded top positions to windsurfers competing in major tournaments in Japan.

ASICS Rubber-ball Tennis Racket is Released


Following the success of the ASICS brand tennis rackets released earlier, two new models with a new, thinner frame were released.

LAWNSHIP KOBE tennis shoes are Released


The model was developed exclusively for sand-filled artificial grass courts (omni courts), which were first used in the Kobe Universiad. Whereas previous soles came in contact with the court with lines and a flat surface, the new pattern had tips of a brush lined up over the entire sole. A shoe size 26.5cm had 620 rubber studs, so it was possible to secure a tight grip even on slippery courts with loose sand.


ORDERCOMPO original Sportswear Order System is Developed


Starting with RECORDER, an order system had been partially in place for team uniforms since 1982. But as demand increased and needs diversified, a computer system was developed that allowed immediate checking of individual designs on screen. Since this provided for shortened lead times and reduced in-store stocks, active marketing was carried out toward shops. From 1986 it became possible to add original logos for team use.

ASICS Tiger Oceania Pty. Ltd. is Established


ASICS Tiger Oceania Pty. Ltd. was established as a local subsidiary in Sydney, Australia.

MARATHON SORTIE UL-100 marathon shoes are Released


Each shoe weight 100g±5g(25.5cm) that was the lightest marathon shoes at the time in the world. The pinnacle of ASICS marathon shoe line, the upper utilized a new nylon rip-stop taffeta while the RB Dulite floating sole.


TITANIX Golf Club is Released


The TITANIX series was released, whose head employed a 99.99% titanium and special copper alloy compound construction that allowed for an even higher level of loft with a low center of gravity and a high moment of inertia.


OTA-STYLE JUMP ROPE Products are Released in Cooperation with the International Nawatobi Federation (INF)


Jumping rope, one of the world's traditional fun games, was turned into a sport by the Ota-style jump rope. Masahide Ota, manager of the Japanese gymnastics team preparing for the Moscow Olympics and chairman of the International Nawatobi Federation (INF), developed some 400 different jump rope techniques, establishing the activity as a new sport. ASICS developed jump rope products based on scientific research. For example, the length of an oval cross-section rope could be adjusted at the grip for a high-tech jump rope that allowed for high-level techniques.

Freaks α jogging shoes are Released


The jogging shoe featured the new αGEL material that absorved athletes' feet from shock for the first time. As for the domestic sale shoe name was FREAKSα, the overseas sale shoe name was GT-II. The αGEL was famous for a TV commercial that featured an egg dropping 15meters onto a 20mm slab of the material without breaking or even bouncing but making a perfect landing.


WALLAGE Walking Shoes are Released


The WALLAGE was released as the first serious business shoes developed by ASICS. It becames the topic with naming to suggest "straw sandals".


TIGER PAW TASK X-1 track spikes are Released


These shoes made their debut in Kobe Universiade in 1985 and were launched in next 1986. The notable point of the design was the one piece plate of the whole sole that was well unified by the hard board and outsole. The updated and improved durability, rigidity, repulsion elasticity and reducing torsion of the plate were achieved through the plate which combined the whisker of the new material with resin. 160 projections not only prevented foot instability at the time of landing, but bounced back powerfully, transforming the shock landing into energy to a track. In addition, the large heel protector enhanced stability in the rearfoot significantly.


ASICS Swimwear is Released


ASICS swimwear was released in 1986 as a result of the company's promotion debut as an official supplier to the 1985 Summer Universiade in Kobe.

GEL-100 running shoes are Released


The plannig in USA. Popular Running shoes for mid to high mileage runner, and for overpronator. This middle price model was adopted GEL(for shock absorption) with adoption of the compression molded duo-density EVA to midsole. Also it featured combination with sponge rubber and solid rubber to outsole. As a product headstream, this model is the first model of "GEL-100 series" prior to GT-1000 series of the moment..


GEL-LYTE running shoes are Released


The plannig in USA. First Light and Speed Racing Trainig shoes for mid to high mileage runner in oversea model, and for overpronator. Anti-torque stability system(ATSS) offered unsurpressed motion control for heel contact to mid-foot stance and forefoot positioning. It means LYTE was a made-up word. "LYTE" was born from unique 4 characters where a person was easy to recognize LIGHT and spelling in different..


SALUTIS Walking Shoes are Released


The SALUTIS was released incorporating the new αGEL material, as shoes for walking as a sport or for exercise.

Triathlon Bicycle is Released


The company released two models of triathlon bicycle: an entry-level model for training and a competition-use model.

TOKO High-Performance Ski Wax is Released


The company signed a sales contract with Swiss ski wax manufacturer Tobler & Co. Much research was conducted at the ASICS Research Institute of Sport Science as well, and the company cooperated in the development of fluorinated wax for races as well as general-use ski wax.

WINTERSTEIGER High-Performance Ski Tuning Machine is Released


The company concluded a sales contract with Austrian company WINTERSTEIGER AG. As awareness grew that the slipperiness of ski bases increased with a rough finish rather than a mirror surface, WINTERSTEIGER had manufactured a machine with grooves in the rotating grindstone made by diamond bits, and transferred the groove structures onto the ski base. This cutting-edge ski base processing technology was developed further by ASICS's racing service and the ASICS Research Institute of Sport Science. ASICS expanded sales of the machines, known as stone finishers, in Japan and made Japanese skiers aware of the structure processing technology of ski bases.

PERFECTPRO Bowling Ball is Released


The new-generation personal ball was manufactured with special equipment using polyurethane elastomer with highly oil-proof "whiskers" (ultra-fine needle-shaped crystals) in the shell. The PERFECTPRO SP released later was used by many professional bowlers, including Eiko Sasahara (member of the Japan Professional Bowling Association (JPBA) since 1972 and eight-time champion of tournaments including the Japan Open), and became an extremely popular polyurethane ball.

FABRE Radical α-L basketball shoes are Released


The basketball shoe that equipped with GEL for the first time. This product did not have rubber cup sole of full length, but the lightweight Cut-off sole that was three-fourths cut the medial rubber wall of midfoot area was equipped.


MARATHON SORTIE α are Released


It was the first marathon shoe with GEL. Shock absorption was dramatically increased with the use of polyurethane foam in the wedge heel and GEL.

PR 1987 ローテファーストポイント_original.JPG

ROTE FIRSTPOINTα Volleyball Shoes are Released.


The first volleyball GEL shoe designed with ideal cushion in mind for volleyball. These volleyball shoes were designed with interchangeable shock absorption unit (C3 Cushion) which is selectable difference cushioning of two kinds to fit one's weight and the occasional condition in heel wedge while GEL in the ball area provided improved shock absorption.


GONA Track and Field Wear is Released


A full-blown competitive wear for top track and field athletes was released. GONA stood for Great Originality of Noble Athlete.

New Brand, CELL, is Released


CELL was released new brand that focused on sports fashion as part of the efforts to reconstruct the branding in the sports shoe field. The first lineup featured striding shoes equipped with αGEL in the heel. The image was the second LACELOCK series product released in 1988.


Vice-President Mitsuji Teranishi passed away


Representative Director and Vice-President Mitsuji Teranishi, who was appointed to the post when ASICS was created in 1977, and for the next ten years worked to develop ASICS, passed away at 68.


CI Adopted and “ Sports Technology for Active Lifestyles” is Established as the New Corporate Slogan


On the tenth anniversary of its founding, ASICS adopted a new corporate identity (CI). It changed its slogan from the previous "Sport: the Universal Language" to "Sports Technology for Active Lifestyles" in accordance with a future-oriented outlook with technology at the base. At the same time, the "Asics" logo typeface was changed from bold to a thinner font to refresh its image.


ASCO Tenth Anniversary Event is Held


To commemorate the passing of a decade since ASICS was born in 1977, the company held an ASICS Sales Convention (ASCO). And, looking towards the next decade, it announced seven challenges under the title NEXT10, including a just-in-time flow based on the establishment of an information network, the reconsideration and strengthening of wholesale functions, the promotion of research in separate specialized industrial fields, and the reactivation of existing retail outlets.

First Hojinkan (Walker's Shop) Opens


ASICS opened the first Hojinkan, a store chain that specializes in walking shoes, in Higashinada Ward, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture. This was established as a pilot shop for future franchise development, proposing a walking lifestyle through the sale of the PEDALA, WALLAGE, and SALUTIS shoes handled at the company's walking division and such services as foot measurements, shoe fittings and repairs.

AMFIT Custom-made Inner Sole is Released


With the cooperation of Mitsui & Co., Ltd. and Toshiba Automation Co., Ltd., the company introduced a technology developed by American company AMFIT Inc.: three-dimensional insole molding machine and its system. They started sales to retail stores.

Listed on Paris Stock Exchange


The company was listed on the Paris Stock Exchange in France.

INJECTOR OKU-II soccer shoes are Released


Contracted with soccer player Yasuhiko Okudera as an advisory staff and started the total development of shoes, bags, and sportswear. The shoes released not only INJECTOR OKU-Ⅱwhich was a fixed type, but an interchangeable type (screwed in) and a training. In the following year, a junior type also launched.


Taipei Branch is Established


The company established the Taipei branch in Taipei to strengthen sales within Taiwan.

PARAFLIGHT Paraglider is Released


Paragliders made by US company Paraflight were released from TARAS BOULBA.

WRESTLING XL wrestling shoes are Released


The upper part had Ecsaine material, which gave good fitting. It used the Split sole (structure with separate soles on the fore and rear foot) for the first time to give smooth support for flexion and twist unique to wrestling. It was adopted overseas by the name of ULTRA XL in 1987.




The MICRO-COMPUTER JUMP ROPE was released, in which a micro-computer allowed for rhythmical movements. It incorporated five enhanced functions to make getting fit more fun: a count display, a calorie display, a sum display, a pacemaker, and a timer.

GEL-LD RACER running shoes are Released


The plannig in USA. First racing shoes which was adopted Split Tongue in the world, and overpronator model. The Split Tongue is innovative manufacturing technique of upper pattern which offered a new dimention in fit, positioning, and comfort and unique design.


Vice-President Kazuma Usui passed away


Representative Director and Vice-President Kazuma Usui, the former President and Representative Director of Jelenk Co., Ltd., who was appointed to the post with the birth of ASICS in 1977, and for the next 12 years worked to develop ASICS, passed away at 65. He founded Usui Meriyasu Works at age 28 in Takefu City in the Hokuriku region, and expanded sales centering on exercise equipment wholesale outlets under the KU UNION brand. He later changed the company name to Jelenk, and expanded to dominate the knitted sportswear market. With the establishment of Jelenk USA in 1977, the company entered overseas markets. Usui was conferred with the Order of the Sacred Treasure, Fifth Class, Sixth Degree, for his services to the promotion of the sports industry in Japan.

WOOLRICH Outdoor Wear is Released


The company formed a tie-up with American outdoor sportswear brand WOOLRICH and started sales. Whereas TARAS BOULBA was largely for middle and higher age groups, the company introduced WOOLRICH to target the younger generation, and aimed to expand sales channels aside from its conventional sports route.

KOJIRO-KUN Junior Baseball Backpack was Released


The child-size backpack was designed with a pocket to insert a baseball bat. A child carrying the backpack with a bat in it resembled Sasaki Kojiro carrying a sword on his back, hence the name the KOJIRO-KUN.

US Body Masters Training Machine is Released


The company signed a sale contract with US company Body Masters Sports Industries Inc. and released a weight training machine with a construction and functions based on biomechanics theories to offer superior results.

SOFT HURDLES for Track and Field Education and Practice are Released


The soft hurdles were developed from practical needs in physical education classes. The bar was made of polyethylene foam for softness, and was not fixed to the supports so that students can practice without being scared.

RAICHLE Ski Boots are Released


Ski boots were developed and sold in a sales contract with Swiss RAICHLE Boots Company.



The MARATHON SORTIE EX for top athletes incorporated the Duosole for the first time, which was developed for Japanese runners competing in the Seoul Olympics. Conventional soles were constructed of the same material in the convex patterns and a concave (base) area, but the newly developed Duosole had synthetic material (nylon fleese) in a concave (base) area with an convex patterns in a separate material lined on the surface to provide for a light and remarkably flexible sole that did not slip even on wet surfaces.