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Skysensor technology
Skysensor shoes
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SKY SENSOR/X-CALIBUR Global Running Shoes are Released


SKYSENSOR/X-CALIBUR a running shoe line applying biomechanics in its product development is launched. The running shoe is the first to incorporate the EVA midsole and other cutting-edge features and is the lightest model on the market at the time.

ASICS tiger corp building
ASICS tiger corp building

ASICS Tiger Corporation is Established


ASICS Sports of America Inc. is renamed and ASICS Tiger Corporation is established in Irvine, California.

marathon racing shoes

Marathon Racing Shoe is Released


The first shoe in the SORTIE series, the successor to the MARUP line, is launched.

It is a special-purpose racing shoe that uses a foot mold (called a Last) specific to speed marathons. The midsole uses the super-lightweight EVA material and features more than 10 holes (Flex Holes) to reduce weight and improve flexibility. In order to boost grip performance, the outsole adopts the new variable elastic sucker-type design.
The name comes from the word "sortie" (an attack from a defensive position), evoking the image of rising to the challenge of creating an innovative marathon shoe. The SORTIE series remains the current ASICS marathon shoe product series.

Fabre shoes

FABRE SUPER LIGHT Lightweight Basketball Shoe is Released


This new and innovative lightweight model is the first basketball shoe to use the super-lightweight EVA material in the midsole. It becomes popular with athletes in search of a light weight shoe.

Fabre basketball shoes

FABRE JAPAN Basketball Shoe Series is Released


A basketball shoe that delivers an unprecedented fit thanks to its special-purpose foot mold, a Last that is developed by measuring the feet of the top players in Japan. The sole features a pattern designed to grip the surface of the court.

Runnig shoes

Running Shoe for Overprotonators is Released


Launch of a running shoe with a stabilizer pillar structure to prevent overpronation. It is released under the name SKYSENSOR GT in Japan and X-CALIBER GT overseas.

The shoe features a structure to enhance the effectiveness of shoelace tightening, air flex holes to enhance impact cushioning and flexibility, and other features that establish it as the foundation for the design of today's running shoes.

Walking shoes

PEDALA Walking Shoe is Released


Release of walking shoes based on the concept of good health through "Walking". The shoes are leather but feature the comfort of an athletic shoe.

Initially only the casual PEDALA style is released, but later other walking shoes are added to fit a range of apparel, including the dressy WALLAGE style and sporty SALUTIS style shoes.

Running shoes
Running shoes - red

Running Shoe with Spring Midsole Structure is Released


Release of the TARTHER SPS, employing a spring midsole structure with a sculpted midfoot area suitable for stride running, unlike the flat-bottomed soles of conventional jogging shoes.

It also marks the first use of the EVA compression molded midsole.
The TARTHER series is launched in 1983. Inspired by the concept of racing like a tiger, the name TARTHER is coined to evoke the words "Tiger" and "Racer".

ASICS kobe building

New Head Office Building is Completed in Kobe Port Island


A new head office building is completed on July 10 in Kobe Port Island, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, and operations are relocated.

The new head office consists of eight floors above ground and one below and includes a dome. An atrium surrounded by a U-shaped building provides an ergonomic open space.
The head office building is an "Intelligent Building" equipped with the latest office automation (OA) systems and facilities in anticipation of rapid advances in IT and new media.
The new headquarters is used for international conferences and various sports association events, contributing to a better image of Kobe, the "Fashion City."

Light running shoes - red

Lightest Marathon Shoe is Released


Release of the world's lightest marathon shoe, weighing 100 g ± 5 g (25.5 cm).

A marathon shoe designed specifically for top runners, featuring an upper using a new nylon rip-stop taffeta and a sole using RB Dulite.

Asics tiger oceania office

ASICS Tiger Oceania Pty. Ltd. is Established


ASICS Tiger Oceania Pty. Ltd. is established as a local subsidiary in Sydney, Australia.

Gel based running shoes in white
Gel logo
gel logo 2
Gel shoe in silver
Gel logo

GEL-Based Running Shoe is Released


The first shoe to use the silicone cushioning material
αGEL (Alpha Gel), which cushions the feet from impact.

The gel is used in two running shoe models, the GT-II and the FREAKS α. GEL continues to evolve and becomes one of the basic functional materials associated with ASICS.

Asics logo
Brand phrase

New Corporate Identity and Slogan are Established


On the tenth anniversary of its founding, ASICS adopts a new corporate identity. The slogan is changed from the previous "Sport: the Universal Language" to "Sports Technology for Active Lifestyles". At the same time, the ASICS logo typeface is changed from bold to a thinner font to refresh its image.

1988 Mota

Rosa Mota Wears Our Shoes


Rosa Mota (gold medalist in the International women's marathon in1988) wears our marathon shoes to great success in various competitions.

Marathon shoes

DUOSOLE-Based Marathon Shoe is Released


The Duosole is an outsole with a two-stage urethane resin design deployed in an synthetic suede fabric. The sole is light and remarkably flexible, with an excellent grip on the road surface. Launch of the Marathon SORTIE EX, the world's first shoe to adopt the Duosole.