Direct Injection Method Soccer Cleat is Released


The first shoe in the INJECTOR series is produced using the direct Injection method.

It is a spike shoe developed to perform on hard ground. The name INJECTOR is intended to symbolize a shoe made using the latest manufacturing technology at the time. Later it is also adopted for soccer and baseball cleats.

1972 Ski Jump Shoes

Ski Jump Shoe is Unveiled


The first Ski Jump shoe is released. Japanese athletes wear the shoe to great success.

Mesh upper volleyball shoes

Mesh Upper Volleyball Shoe is Released


The ROTATION 72 volleyball shoe is released, featuring a more breathable mesh material in the upper, replacing the canvas upper used in traditional volleyball shoes. Japanese athletes wear the shoe to great success.

Gehrig series basketball shoes

GEHRIG Series Baseball Cleat is Released


The first Baseball cleat shoes are released.

The innovative design features a synthetic resin sole with interchangeable spikes.

Eva marathon shoes

EVA Marathon Shoe is Released


Onitsuka releases the OHBORI marathon shoe, its first product for the overseas market to adopt the EVA midsole.

EVA is lighter than the conventional rubber sponge material and offers superior impact cushioning. It is later adopted by many athletic shoes all over the world.
The name OHBORI comes from Ohori Park in Fukuoka prefecture.

Paw track and field wear
Paw track and field shoes

PAW and TIGER PAW Track and Field Brands are Unveiled


In 1974, the PAW line of track and field sportswear is released.

Together with the TIGER PAW spike shoe released the same year, this marks the initial effort aiming for for total brand development by ONITSUKA. The name PAW is intended to evoke "the claws of a tiger".

Junior baseball shoes

LITTLE HOMER S Baseball Cleat is Released


A junior baseball shoe is released.

It features a rubber multi-stud suitable for hard ground.

Onitsuka Tiger GmbH is established

Onitsuka Tiger GmbH is Established


ONITSUKA Co., Ltd. establishes ONITSUKA TIGER GmbH, a local subsidiary in Dusseldorf in the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) as its European base.

1976 Viren

Lasse Virén Wear ONITSUKA Shoes


Lasse Virén (gold medalist in both the International 5,000 and 10,000 meter events in 1976) wears ONITSUKA track and field spikes to great success.

ASICS founders holding hands
ASICS founders holding hands
ASICS logo
ASICS logo

Birth of ASICS Co., Ltd.


The three companies ONITSUKA Co., Ltd., GTO Co., Ltd., and JELENK Co., Ltd. merge as equals to form "ASICS Corporation", a general sporting goods company.

The origin of the company name, ASICS, is the initial letters of the phrase "Anima Sana In Corpore Sano" by the ancient Roman satirist Juvenal. It means "(If you pray to God, you should pray for) a sound mind in a sound body." The phrase itself is the company philosophy, and the sentiment it expresses is captured in the very name of the company.

"Sport: the Universal Language" is established as the corporate slogan of ASICS.
The ASICS and ASICS TIGER brands are introduced and the ASICS promotional logo is created.

Running shoes
Running shoes in yellow

Running Shoe is Released


In the late 1970s, jogging, as an aerobic and healthy activity becomes a craze and ASICS releases its running shoes.

The first models are the MONTREAL II road shoes and the ENDURO cross-country shoes. This marks ASICS entry into the wider running shoe market, as differentiated from conventional training shoes.
It is the point at which ASICS establishes itself as a performance running brand in the North American market.

ROTE volleyball wear
ROTE volleyball wear

ROTE Volleyball Brand is Unveiled


ROTE volleyball wear and volleyball shoes are released at the same time as part of a total brand campaign.

4 baseball players
Rawlings brand logo

RAWLINGS Baseball Brand is Released


The company formed a tie-up with US company RAWLINGS and started to release products in Japan.