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The BIOMORFIC FIT™ technology allows high exercise performance with an upper that moves in unison with the movement of the foot to improve the fit of the shoe.


Since the degree of deformation in the foot varies from part to part, elastic material is used for the upper so as to separate parts with greater deformation from parts with less deformation, based on the deformation distribution of the surface of the foot during running, instead of covering the foot with a single material. This improves the responsiveness of the upper to the shape change of the foot during running.


Some parts of the surface of the foot greatly change during running while others do not change so much. If there is a difference in the change of shape between the foot and the upper, the shoe may not able to fully perform its function. To deal with this problem, the BIOMORFIC FIT™ technology has been developed to allow the upper to move in unison with the foot during exercise.