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ICEWALK Rubber™ supports comfortable walking even on icy roads, thanks to the grip of silica sand blended into the sole rubber.

Discrete Eyelet™

The Discrete Eyelet™ efficiently transmits lacing tension forces to fit the upper to the foot in various shapes, ensuring improved exercise efficiency.

Snow Compound Rubber™

Snow Compound Rubber™ has a grip suitable for snowy and frozen roads, supporting safe walking on slippery surfaces.


The Archsustain™ technology gives stability and comfort for long-time running by preventing the arch from lowering too much.


Reduces strain and improves performance when running or walking by incorporating not only light weight and shock absorption but also rebound property.


Reduces stress on the foot caused by overpronation, and supports the foot for a more comfortable running experience.


Reduces the gap at the heel during running and improves fit and stability at the heel so that the “clutching” action enhances sports performance.


Provides a more comfortable running experience without interfering with the natural movements of the runner’s feet by incorporating unique flex grooves on the sole.


Reduces the load on the foot by buffering impact during touch down while running or jumping.


Increases performance by reducing imbalance caused by shifts in the runner’s center of pressure.


Improves rebound property by 20% and enhances performance by transferring energy absorbed from impact with the ground to the next step.


This material is half the weight of the E.V.A. sponges ordinarily used in marathon and racing shoes. It also provides 20% more shock absorption.


Enhancing sports performance in running, jumping and swimming by supporting the pelvis in an appropriate position leading to effective muscle activation around the pelvis


FluidFit™ technology provides a mesh upper consisting of a non-elastic (reinforcing) part and an elastic part, which improves the responsiveness to the foot movement while maintaining a comfortable fit. This reduces the instability of the foot during running and increases running efficiency.


N.C. RUBBER™ is a material that realizes grip and durability at the same time, which are required in court sports. It improves performance in movements requiring quick turns and jumps.

SEW Midsole™

The SEW Midsole™ has the property of being less prone to harden even in low temperature environments. It promotes comfortable exercise by reducing the decline in cushioning properties and flexibility even in low temperature environments.

WET GRIP Rubber™

WET GRIP Rubber™ provides a strong grip on ground that is wet with rain and courts that are wet with sweat.

Asymmetrical Lacing™

The Asymmetrical Lacing™ technology provides a better feeling of adhesion to the shoe by improving the fit of the upper through lacing, supporting comfortable running.


The BIOMORFIC FIT™ technology allows high exercise performance with an upper that moves in unison with the movement of the foot to improve the fit of the shoe.

Two Density Midsole™

The Two Density Midsole™ helps increase the speed of footwork and turns necessary for court sports such as basketball and tennis, as well as improving the cushioning properties of shoes with two types of midsole materials with different hardness derived from different densities.


The PROPULSION Plate™ technology provides stable movement for kick-out and jumping in speed running and court sports such as volleyball and handball, allowing efficient and smooth movements.


The HG10mm™ technology lessens the load on the leg and the impact on the knee when running forward in sports such as soccer and rugby, supporting comfortable movement.


AHAR™ and AHARPLUS™ are outer sole materials with excellent abrasion resistance, and also come in sponge type with good cushioning. They improve the durability of shoes while maintaining necessary functions including grip.


The TRUSSTIC™ technology supports stable movements by reinforcing the middle part of the sole and preventing the shoe from twisting.