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AHAR™ and AHARPLUS™ are outer sole materials with excellent abrasion resistance, and also come in sponge type with good cushioning. They improve the durability of shoes while maintaining necessary functions including grip.


Abrasion resistance has been improved by using a rubber material that is also used for car tires which require high durability as the main material for the outer sole, and mixing it with a reinforcing material. AHAR™ has an abrasion resistance about two times higher and AHARPLUS™ about three times higher than our conventional rubber. The sponge type has realized a more than 50% reduction in weight compared to our conventional products.


The abrasion resistance of the outer sole greatly influences the life of shoes. AHAR™ and AHARPLUS™ have been developed based on the concept of contributing to environmental load reduction by prolonging the life of products, using abrasion-resistant materials for soles to make them durable for long-term use.