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The Two Density Midsole™ helps increase the speed of footwork and turns necessary for court sports such as basketball and tennis, as well as improving the cushioning properties of shoes with two types of midsole materials with different hardness derived from different densities.


The two types of midsoles with different hardness are used for necessary parts according to the characteristics of the sport being played. These two midsoles appropriately change their shape according to the load applied during movement, allowing instantaneous movements.For example, table tennis shoes have a midsole material with a low hardness arranged around the thenar part to support smooth lateral turns. Handball shoes and basketball shoes have a high hardness midsole material on the outside of the front part of the foot to reduce the lateral shift of the foot during lateral turns.


Forward and lateral steps and turns are important movements frequently used in court sports. The Two Density Midsole™ has been developed to help the wearer conduct these movements smoothly as well as to improve cushioning properties.