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Pitch in India

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What is ASICS Innovation Pitch?

India has become the world's largest population and one of the fastest growing economies in the world as you know. Indian GDP is now projected to be 6.5% for the year ending on March 2024. As the sports market is also expected to further expand by more than 10% yearly, ASICS considers India one of its most important markets.

ASICS has held five accelerator programs in Japan and Europe over the past five years and has established many networks and business partnerships with startups around the world. And now, to further accelerate business development in India, ASICS will hold "ASICS Innovation Pitch", which will solicit collaboration proposals from Indian startups and create business collaboration with ASICS India.


ASICS Corporation
President, CEO and COO,
Representative Director
Yasuhito Hirota
ASICS India Pvt. Ltd,
Managing Director
Rajat Khurana
ASICS Ventures Corporation
Representative Director
Akihiro Mori
(Brief explanation for the Pitch event)


ASICS has been actively opening ASICS stores, conducting grassroots activities, and sponsoring marathon events in order to establish and penetrate the brand image it has built up to date in the Indian market. Specifically for Running category, ASICS has been providing value for many years all across the world and will be able to contribute more to Runners in India as well, where health consciousness is rising year by year.

Therefore, we are calling for collaboration proposals on the following three themes.

Broader Market Access to Runners
Tech examples:
  • AI-driven/On-demand running session
  • Brand new Influencer utilization
  • Sports community aggregation platform
  • Solution thorough customer data analysis etc.
More Attractive Running Experience
Tech examples:
  • Wearable IoT sensors for self-evaluation
  • AI-based personal training / AI-based injury prevention
  • Interactive XR experiences
  • Performance checking in store or at home etc.
Better Product (Running shoes / Apparel)
Tech examples:
  • Automated production like 3D printer production
  • Brand new eco-friendly material
  • Deep-tech driven product recommendation etc.
For more information, click HERE
Broader Market Access to Runners
Broader Market Access to Runners
Broader Market Access to Runners
More Attractive Running Experience
Broader Market Access to Runners
Better Product
(Running shoes / Apparel)


Application *Applications are closed
18th October, 2023 - 30th November, 2023 (due date)
December, 2023 - January, 2024
*If necessary, interviews may be conducted.
Notification of 6 Finalists*The 6 finalists have been selected
1st February, 2024
*The six finalists will advance to the ASICS Innovation Pitch, which will be held in the afternoon in Gurgaon.
*Finalists will be notified separately of event details.
ASICS Innovation Pitch (Pitch Day)
26th March, 2024
*will select 1 collaboration proposal
*All finalists will receive benefits. Take a look at "PROGRAM BENFITS" for details.

1. Broader Market Access to Runners

SaleAssist Innov8 Pvt Ltd

Sociograph Solutions Private Limited (DAVE AI)

2. More Attractive Running Experience

FANISKO Private Limited

Pindrop Music App Pvt. Ltd. (Flutin)

3. Better Product

TrustKnit Pvt. Ltd.

QED Analyticals, LLP
Collaboration start
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The following benefits will be offered to all finalists, not just the winner.

All Finalists
  • Participation at Pitch day, and all finalists' information will be announced on the ASICS Website after Pitch day
  • Networking with lots of investors and VCs at Pitch day
  • Advice from ASICS India and GHV Accelerator for Pitch day
  • ASICS shopping coupon 100,000 INR per finalist (It can be used only for ASICS Store in India)

*Cover the Travel and Transportation expenses (including airfare, ground transportation and 2-night lodging for 2 attendees per finalist who travel to the event venue within India)

1st Winner

In addition to the above benefits,

  • 1st winner prize of 2,000,000 INR
  • Start Business Collaboration with ASICS India
  • Investment from ASICS Ventures and/or co-investment with VC (depending on the due diligence after the Pitch event)

*500,000 INR each will be awarded to the 2nd and 3rd place winners.


Qualified applicant
  • Applicant corporations must have been established within 10 years at the time of application.
  • Applicant is required to be either a registered corporation in India or a corporation mainly based in India.
Terms of applications
  • Applicant is allowed to apply for only one proposal for this program.
  • Collaboration ideas should be submitted using PDF file within 3 pages. (Please refer to the Application Form for more details.)
Other remarks
  • Finalists need to be present at the venue in Gurgaon on the Pitch Day.
  • ASICS reserves the right not to respond to any individual inquiries regarding screening and selection.
  • Expenses for application must be borne by the applicant.
  • A proposal that infringes a third party's intellectual property rights (including copyrights) will not be accepted.


Based on the application, ASICS and the GHV Accelerator will jointly review the following.
  • Idea & Uniqueness (Expertise in human resources and technology, attractiveness of cooperative proposals)
  • Compatibility (Synergy with ASICS, growth potential)
  • Feasibility (Realization within 1-2years / clarity of 5W1H for collaboration)
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For inquiries, please email us at

The program is managed by ASICS Ventures Corporation and ASICS India Pvt. Ltd,
with support from

ASICS Ventures Corporation
Kobe, Japan
Akihiro Mori (Representative Director)
Business overview
Capital investment in, and promoting business development with, startup companies
ASICS India Pvt. Ltd.
Gurugram, India
Rajat Khurana (Managing Director – India & South Asia)
Business overview
Sales and marketing for sports and leisure products including shoes, apparel and equipment
GreenHouse Ventures Pvt Ltd. India (GHV)
Gurugram, India
Pallav Modi (CEO)
Business overview
Running for Startups, Managing DXLAB for Enterprises, Startup Acceleration, GTM Guidance and Mentorship


Q. What do I need to do to apply?

Applications closed on November 30th.

Thank you for many applications!

Q. Are there any application entry fees?

No. The application to ASICS Innovation Pitch is free.
Finalists will not be charged as well.

Q. Are there any restrictions on the establishment year of the startups?

Applicant corporations must have been established within 10 years at the time of application.

Q. Are there any restrictions on the originating countries of the startups?

Applicant is required to be either a registered corporation in India or a corporation mainly based in India to collaborate with ASICS India smoothly.

Q. Are there any restrictions on the stages or industries of the startups?

All startups at any stage and in any industries are welcome as long as you can provide collaboration idea in accordance with the theme for ASICS Innovation Pitch.

In addition, please check Application Guideline and Screening Criteria on the website as well.

Q. Are Gurgaon-based startups preferable to apply?

No. All startups in any city of India, including Bengaluru, Mumbai and any other cities, are welcome.

Q. When will the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) be executed?

Finalists will be required to sign an NDA with ASICS.

For all applicants, the application(collaboration proposal) shall not include any confidential information of the applicants or third parties.

Pitch Day
Q. What is the Pitch Day like?

6 Finalists will pitch your business and collaboration idea in front of a lot of participants including ASICS members, investors in India/Japan, and visitors at the venue. 1st winner will be selected there.

In addition, a networking event will be prepared after the event.

Q. In what language the Pitch Day will be held?


Q. Do I need to bear the cost by myself to travel to the venue for the Pitch Day?

No. Please check "PROGRAM BENEFITS" on the website.
We will cover the Travel and Transportation expense including airfare, ground transportation and 2-night lodging for 2 attendees per finalist who travel to the event venue within India.

*Details will be announced to all finalists at a later date.

Q. Can finalists attend Pitch Event online?

No. All finalists are required to participate the Pitch Day at the venue in Gurgaon on 26th March.

*Specific venue will be announced to all finalists at a later date.

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