Interview(Brazilian employee)

Because our nationality and culture are different,I want to inspire the team for better synergy and create a dynamic working environment.

Global Accounting and Finance Division

Before I joined Asics Brazil, I was an audit manager in one of the largest audit companies with accounting degree and MBA in International Accounting Standards. Pursuing a career development and fascinated by the company’s sportman spirit, I joined Asics Brazil in 2013. After 3 years in Asics Brazil, my performance was recognized by my boss and I was offered to work at ASICS headquarters in Japan in 2016. Currently, my responsibility in Japan is to analyse the financial results and budget of overseas subsidiaries. Through my experience at headquarters, I gained global point of view and believe that I can apply what I learned here when I return home. Thanks to the support by the Human Resource Department, I did not have any trouble for the moving and accomodation arrangements, which enabled me to smoothly work and live in Japan.

Brazil and Japan are different in nationality and culture. I believe that while I am in Japan, my presence and passion can influence the team to create a good synergy and to learn from each other. I have been working with "open-doors" mindset, which is to eliminate the walls between members. To enhance that spirit, I often give my honest opinion and challenge the team members by asking “why are we doing it in this way?” or “what is the outcome from that?” Now, with this mindset change, our communication has become vigorous, compared to what it was before. I believe that this situation has led to the smooth progress of more efficient business. On the other hand, I have also benefited from the members of Japan who stimulated me to acquire the sense of global responsibility and work hard to meet the deadlines. By working in Japan, I am acquiring great experience as well. Though our nationality is different, the corporate culture which stimulates each other and grow together as one team can further accelerate globalization. That should lead to the growth of employees worldwide and the sustainable development of the ASICS Group.