What is ASICS Accelerator Program


The founder of ASICS, Mr. Kihachiro Onitsuka made the decision to devote his life to sports shoes and nurturing the mental and physical growth of young people through sports so that they could have a brighter future. He set up the company, Onitsuka Co. He started off with just four employees and a small office.

Mr Onitsuka’s first big venture was to revolutionise the basketball shoes. At that time, basketball shoes are thought to be the most difficult athletic shoe to manufacture, but Mr. Onitsuka believes that "if he can overcome a high hurdle at the start, he will be able to continue overcoming other hurdles as well". And yet he was a complete beginner at the business. The first sample that he somehow made through several trial and error was thrown on the ground and said “It’s like a straw sandals” by a basketball team manager of a high school. Mr. Onitsuka had started pick up balls at the practice ground, and been aware of players needs so that he could create a basketball shoes that led to the development of whole sports shoes. He was a passionate entrepreneur who took a lot of trial and error and kept chasing his dream.

We have maintained the strong beliefs of our company’s founder to this day. Every day, we try technological development and create innovative sports products and service to actualize our vision ”Create Quality Lifestyle through intelligent Sport Technology”

ASICS Accelerator Program aims to create new value through working together with passionate entrepreneurs who fully devote their life to solving social problems as Mr.Onitsuka used to do so.

Theme for Proposals


"Road to 2020"

We welcome your “proposal” of innovative products, services and contents that can be implemented at ASICS stores, facilities and events in Japan in the year of 2020. 


  • Proposal to provide with barrier-free1 products and/or services for ASICS stores, facilities and events in Japan
  • Proposal to enhance demand for tourism / inbound consumption in Japan
  • Proposal for innovative sports services or contents for ASICS toward 2020
  • Proposal of services or contents that people all across Japan can be supporter for 2020

1:Situation that is removed all of barriers regarding physical, mendtal, social system, information, etc.

Purpose image


  • 2019-03-05 Program launch (website open) / Online application starts
  • 2019-03-18 Meetup @ dock-Toranomon
  • 2019-04-05 Deadline of online application
1st Screening (Document)
  • Applied proposals will be evaluated and screened on document basis.
  • The result of the 1st screening will be notified to applicants within a month.
2nd Screening (Interview)
  • Selected applicants will be invited to interview session and given the opportunity to make presentation of the proposal to ASICS project team.
  • The result of 2nd screening will be notified within a month after the interview.
Brushup Period
  • Brushup and fine-tuning of the selected proposals will be conducted together with ASICS mentors toward DEMO DAY.
  • DEMO DAY is scheduled to be held in July.
Proof of Concept
  • The proposals finally selected will proceed with feasibility study with ASICS team.

Stage of target Companies

As it is assumed to implement proposals in 2020, applicant must be the registered corporation with its product or service launched or soon to be launched.


Qualified applicant

  • Corporations founded within the last 10 years.
  • Applicant is required to be the registered corporation.

Terms of applications

  • Applicant is allowed to apply for only one proposal for this program.
  • Applicant is allowed to simultaneously enroll in other similar acceleration program.
  • Proposal written in Japanese is strongly recommended (however, proposal in English will be accepted for non-Japanese applicants.)

    Other remarks

    • ASICS reserves the right not to respond to any individual inquiries regarding screening and selction.
    • Expenses for application must be borne by applicant.(travel expenses upon ASICS’ request during the program will be borne by ASICS.)
    • Applicant admits some of the contents of the proposal could be open to public.
    • Proposal that infringes intellectual property rights (including copyrights) of a third party will not be accepted.
    • Any intellectual property right to be developed through this program will be handled upon mutual agreement by both parties.