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2018.12.04 PRESS

ASICSTIGER™ brand announced new collaboration with nonnative to roll-out the GEL-YETITOKYO HI G-TX “DESERT” model.

Drawing inspiration from tactical military boots style, nonnative has adopted a premium GORE-TEX approved suede upper with a matching sand beige chunky outsole. The addition for an extra set of eyelets at the mid foot provides an improved fit, while the heel drawcord of the original model is replaced with a combat boot style tape loop, allowing the laces to wrap around the ankle to further secure the foot. Taking the exceptional design of the original GEL-YETI model as its base, applying the urban design aesthetics of non-native and the outstanding functionality of waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX technology, a new level of comfort, performance and style has been achieved.

The GEL-YETITOKYO HI G-TX “DESERT” shoe will be available globally from December 8th.

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The GEL-YETI model was first released in 2000 as a recovery shoe designed to relax exhausted feet after participating in endurance trail running competitions. With its unique functionality and peculiar design, the shoe became popular in street fashion circles, leading to a tweaked city-use version being released in 2003.

About nonnative

nonnative combines the durable, functional qualities of work wear, military wear and outdoor wear with contemporary silhouettes and fabrics to create everyday clothing that is appropriate for a wide range of liefstyles and circumstances.

The seasonal collections are produced in Japan with a meticulous approach to tailoring, focusing on robust construction and comfortable, unrestrictive fits. Born in Tokyo but not of Tokyo, each collection is based on a season theme that extends beyond the urban streets and dwellings of its home.

DESIGNER: Takayuki Fujii

Born in Nara in 1976. After dropping out of the Department of Scenography, Design at Musashino Art University, Fujii garnered a wealth of experience at select shops before taking on the role of designer in 2001. Ever since then, Fujii has been committed to introducing and developing the distinct and unique culture that is nonnative.