RELEASE DATE: 2018.07.24

ASICS HYPERGEL-SAI & HYPERGEL-KAN combine street style with hypergel midsole technology

ASICS today announced the launch of the new HyperGEL-SAI™ and HyperGEL-KAN, the latest additions to the HyperGEL series. The HyperGEL series combines vibrant street style with high-performance GEL™ technology proprietary to ASICS.

HyperGEL’s balance of style and technology gives consumers the freedom to move in various scenes of their lives. The HyperGEL midsole integrates foam and GEL™ technologies to offer about 30% more bounce than standard EVA. HyperGEL cushioning and rebound provide superior form restoration for all-day comfort.

“ASICS is a global brand with a uniquely Japanese heritage—our business is a result of the ‘remix effect’ you get by bringing East and West together. In the spirit of the remix, ASICS HyperGEL series was designed as a bridge between sport and street cultures,” says series designer Takayuki Ueda. “HyperGEL-SAI and HyperGEL-KAN are ‘genre-less’ in that they’re adaptable and easily fit into either a sport or street setting.”

As the lace-up version of the HyperGEL series, HyperGEL-SAI stands out with an iconic asymmetrical eyelet construction inspired by the ASICSTIGER GEL-MAI™. HyperGEL-KAN is the middle-cut version of the series, which deploys an external heel counter to hold the foot for improved support.

Each HyperGEL series shoe also features a hexagonal heel patch containing a Japanese character—“mind” on the left foot and “body” on the right—representing ASICS’ fundamental brand philosophy of “A Sound Mind in A Sound Body”.

About HyperGEL™:

The HyperGEL series introduces a midsole with rebound and cushioning for all-day support. It provides versatility during a run in the gym or on the street, and reduces impact and preserves energy, allowing for improved comfort, endurance, and movement.

· Developed and tested at the Institute of Sports Science in Kobe, Japan

· Provides about 30% more bounce than standard EVA with excellent cushioning

· Restores its shape faster than other midsole materials offering consistent comfort for all day wear

· Each midsole consists of about 15% GEL beads made of GEL™ brand technology, which is random distributed in each individual shoe.


· GEL™ brand technology integrated into the midsole

· Mesh upper


· Reflective heel patch

· Asymmetrical Lacing System


· GEL™ brand technology integrated into the midsole

· Knit upper


· External Heel Counter

HyperGEL-SAI will be available globally from August 3rd, 2018 at ASICS retail and online stores.  HyperGEL-KAN will be available from August 31.

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