ASICSTIGER brand resurrects the ’91 cult classic GELSAGA™ shoe model in OG retro neon colourways

2018.05.30 PRESS

The new campaign will pay homage to the nostalgia of nineties 8-bit gaming and the joint Japanese heritage of ASICS and some of the biggest gaming greats.

The latest iteration of ‘WHAT THE GEL™’ campaign by the ASICSTIGER brand has dropped with the much-anticipated comeback of the cult collectable GELSAGA shoe model, combining ground-breaking technology with a street style edge. WHAT THE GEL celebrates GEL™ technology that has been equipped on ASICS since the introduction of the material in 1986.

The 2018 take on the GELSAGA model includes four colourways, all of which are a nod to the retro neon colour palette that cemented this shoe as an iconic style in the ASICSTIGER heritage line, selling over 1 million pairs.

Born in 1991, the GELSAGA combined GEL™ cushioning, compression moulded EVA midsoles and lightweight uppers. Fast forward to 2018 and that same technology remains, but with a modern twist.

This original piece of ’91 history makes its return to the limelight in true nineties fashion. The GELSAGA narrative is told through a retro gaming lens, illustrating the nostalgia and authenticity of this iconic era. The re-release of the shoe aims to capture the same sentiment that the revival of classic 90’s video games evokes for nineties kids and beyond.

The GELSAGA shoe is immersed into a retro gaming world and combines 8-bit backdrops with nods to the ‘world of GEL™’; a visual identity first seen in the ‘WHAT THE GEL’ campaign.

It wouldn’t be authentic if the collection wasn’t rooted in digital: a full social takeover includes GIFs, Instagram Stories, Instagram posts, Facebook covers and hero banners.

Robin Karakash, Director of Integrated Marketing Communications at ASICS EMEA: “We’re excited to be bringing one of the ASICSTIGER brand’s most iconic shoes back as part of our ‘WHAT THE GEL’ campaign which launched earlier this year. We’ve stayed true to the original design of the GELSAGA model but have done what ASICS does best – elevating it with some of our best technology. We wanted to create a throwback collection but with a modern twist and I’m confident that we’ll appeal to the masses by tapping into the nostalgia for 90’s gaming.”