2017.07.13 PRESS

ASICS Corporation will provide gear for athletes from six national track and field delegations during the 2017 International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) World Championships in London. The IAAF is the world’s preeminent track and field competition, and an important milestone for many elite athletes on their journey to Tokyo in 2020. In 2017, ASICS-sponsored IAAF delegations include Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, France, Italy, and Morocco.

As the true sport performance brand, ASICS is committed to designs that inspire athletes to perform at their best and technology that helps unlock every ounce of their potential. ASICS rallies behind all sponsored delegations at this year’s IAAF World Championships with gear tailored to the needs of professional athletes and designed for various weather conditions. ASICS will provide a full range of versatile gear, including sprint tops and bottoms, training wear and sprint suits.

Design Concept

The triangle motif of ASICS’ IAAF delegation uniforms captures the same geometric patterns seen at the venue of the IAAF World Championships London 2017 as well as Tokyo’s iconic tower.

Gear varies according to each country’s national color. Some tops feature a line running down the back inspired by the ASICS hexagon logo design.

Gear Features & Functions

· Sprint Top

The cut enables easy movement of the shoulder blades, while a v-line mesh on the back provides improved breathability. Fewer seams and fabrics enhance comfort.

· Shell Jacket

An asymmetrical fastener that opens from both top and bottom enables unobstructed movement and helps athletes easily adjust to temperature changes, while functional inner pockets also keep hands warm during downtime.

· HL-0 Sprint Suit

Debuted at Rio in 2016 and developed by ASICS’ Institute of Sport Science, the HL-0 Sprint Suit features two of ASICS’ HL-0 fabrics—rigid and high stretch materials designed to eliminate restrictions on the wearer’s motions without energy loss, unlocking athletes’ speed potential.

Officially Licensed Apparel and Goods:

Apparel inspired by IAAF 2017 ASICS Delegation Gear will be sold at ASICS’ online and retail stores. For more product information, please visit:


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