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ASICS' lightest-ever cushioning shoe to unlock speed

ASICS launches DynaFlyte, its lightest-ever cushioning shoe for runners who want speed. Delivering both lightweight and cushioning, DynaFlyte unlocks runners’ speed so they can run fast at any distance. Featuring a full-length FlyteFoam midsole, DynaFlyte is the first product that allows everyday runners to experience ASICS’ latest patented1 midsole technology in its purest form.

Unlocking Runners’ Speed

DynaFlyte unlocks the potential to run fast by delivering superior cushioning in a lightweight shoe. With less shoe weight to swing forward, runners experience less energy loss, more efficient running and unlock the potential for speed at any distance.

Maintaining effective cushioning while simultaneously reducing a shoe’s weight is a key challenge in running footwear development. Armed with category-bending innovations, DynaFlyte beats this challenge and breaks the 300g barrier, becoming ASICS’ lightest running shoe.2 Weighing in at about 270g,3 DynaFlyte opens up new possibilities for runners looking for a shoe that offers both lightweight and superior cushioning to unlock their speed.

Discover Pure FlyteFoam Technology

At the core of DynaFlyte is FlyteFoam, ASICS’ patented lightweight and responsive cushioning technology — first trialed in MetaRun in November 2015. DynaFlyte marks the first use of FlyteFoam in its purest form, through a full-length midsole engineered to deliver lightweight and highly-functional cushioning.

FlyteFoam is the result of about three years of development and over 300 prototypes tested at ASICS Institute of Sport Science. Built with reinforced fibers that work to maintain cushioning, it is approximately 55% lighter than the industry standard and is ASICS’ lightest midsole. Equipped with a full-length FlyteFoam midsole, DynaFlyte meets the highest level of cushioning standards among ASICS running footwear.

The ISS Promise

DynaFlyte was designed and developed at the Institute of Sport Science (ISS), ASICS’ research & development center in Kobe, Japan. ISS, the beating heart of ASICS, is where countless pieces of data from amateur and professional runners over the past 30 years are curated and analyzed to inform product development. ISS has put ASICS at the forefront of research in running. Their rigorous approach to product development has led to the discovery of the breakthrough technology, FlyteFoam.

DynaFlyte embodies ISS’ human-centric science approach to product development and commitment to continuous improvement, bringing new possibilities to runners looking for performance and speed at any distance.

“With DynaFlyte, runners can fully experience FlyteFoam technology at its purest. We are excited to launch DynaFlyte, and see how FlyteFoam will be able to help runners unlock their speed,” said Dr. Tsuyoshi Nishiwaki, Executive Officer, Senior General Manager, ASICS Institute of Sport Science.

DynaFlyte in Action

ASICS sponsored a global launch event in New York City on June 14th, showcasing DynaFlyte, its key product release of the year and its featured technology, FlyteFoam. During the launch ASICS introduced an interactive installation, the DynaFlyte Deck, a specialized running track. The event was designed to bring to life the shoe’s full experience and consumer benefits.

Developed in cooperation with ISS, it is programmed with colored lighting and sounds that offer runners on the track different drills to experience and feel DynaFlyte’s core benefits – lightweight, cushioning, and the potential for speed.

Media and influencer attendees were able to test-run the product on ASICS’ custom-made DynaFlyte Deck.

ASICS elite athletes Ryan Hall and Candace Hill, as well as scientists from ISS, also participated in the global launch event.

ASICS’ newest and youngest track and field athlete, Candace Hill, spoke about her partnership with ASICS: "One of the reasons why I choose partnering with ASICS is because they get what it means to be fast and being the fastest is the main focus for me on the track and in my training,” said Hill. “This new shoe by ASICS can unlock that potential for everyone while still feeling light and comfortable.”

DynaFlyte will be available for men and women at ASICS online stores and select running outlets worldwide starting July 2016.

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