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Kobe, Japan| May 26, 2016

ASICS today revealed three new concept products for 2016—the HL-0 Sprint Suit, the FLAME RACER Marathon Shoe and the Carbon Sprint Spike. All three concept products are exclusively designed for the world’s elite athletes during this key year.

The HL-0 Sprint Suit and the FLAME RACER Marathon Shoe are the newest entries to ASICS’ lineup of concept model products while the Carbon Sprint Spike marks a major upgrade to this sprint shoe line.

Developed at ASICS’ Institute of Sport Science (ISS), its state-of-the-art research and development center in Kobe, Japan, the concept products embody ASICS’ human-centric approach to product development. They feature technological advancements based on more than 30 years of experience in supporting top athletes. Since its founding, ASICS has been dedicated to developing best-in-class products for athletes that strive to deliver optimal performance on the world stage.

“The R&D team at ASICS were single-minded in our focus on developing products that meet the high performance standards demanded by the world’s elite athletes,” said Dr. Tsuyoshi Nishiwaki, Executive Officer and Head of Research, ISS.

HL-0 Sprint Suit: An Innovative Use of Highly Functional Materials to Minimize Energy Loss

The HL-0 Sprint Suit is designed solely for running faster. It features two of ASICS’ HL-0 fabrics* that are rigid and high stretch materials, designed to eliminate restrictions on the wearer’s motions without energy loss to unlock athletes’ fullest potential.

The high performance fabrics used in the HL-0 Sprint Suit were developed in collaboration with TORAY, Japan’s largest synthetic fiber manufacturer and a leader in functional textiles. Compared to conventional materials, the high stretch fabric is about 80% lighter and takes only 80% of the force required for stretching. It reduces energy loss by delivering dynamic motion with less stress and the high rigidity fabric that stretches back like rubber.

The HL-0 Sprint Suit uses fabric tension in a unique way to supply the athlete with ample energy. The ‘stretch’ in the high rigidity fabric uses a passive motion to store energy in the fabric during the inertia phase of a sprint, giving back energy to the body in the ‘release’ phase.

Commenting on the HL-0 Sprint Suit, Christopher Lemaitre, two-time European champion sprinter, Olympic medalist and an ASICS-sponsored athlete said:

“I know the HL-0 Sprint Suit is helping my running as I can feel the support from the fabric and there is no energy loss while in motion. Although there are a number of elements that can affect the race result, I believe the HL-0 Sprint Suit will be a strong addition in helping me achieve my goal on the track.”

FLAME RACER Marathon Shoe: Reduced Energy Loss for Superior Running

The FLAME RACER Marathon shoe is made with ASICS’ newest fabric, HL-0 mesh, developed in collaboration with TORAY. HL-0 mesh reduces energy loss while in running motion to increase efficiency. Also incorporated into the construction of the shoe is FlyteFoam, ASICS’ most advanced cushioning system, which reduces shoe weight with superior cushioning. A new out sole pattern was developed to consider the distribution of horizontal force produced between the sole of the shoe and ground surface during running.

Carbon Sprint Spike: Upgraded with Increased Efficacy for Sprinters

Dedicated to continuous improvement, ASICS has upgraded the Carbon Sprint Spike by adding the HL-0 mesh fabric. The Carbon Sprint Spike, first launched in 2012, delivers increased efficiency in sprinting.

Additionally, researchers at ISS have developed the Overcoat Film, a functional material that maintains the spring benefits of the HL-0 mesh. These two technologies work together to ensure increased efficiency and reduced energy loss. ASICS will incorporate the HL-0 mesh and Overcoat Film to other footwear categories in the future.

*HL-0 Sprint Suit and Carbon Sprint Spike are not for sale.

The FLAME RACER Marathon Shoe will be available on a limited basis.

*The HL-0 fabrics is a patent-pending technology.

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