ASICS Announces Sports-Related Joint Research and Development with France’s Cityzen Sciences

RELEASE DATE: 2014.11.26

ASICS announces a basic agreement with France’s Cityzen Sciences to conduct joint research and development on smart textiles for sports apparel.

The joint R&D will be based on the technology of Cityzen Sciences, which specializes in the development of smart textiles, and the main purpose of the project is to produce and market sports apparel using the sports expertise cultivated by ASICS. The project is intended to develop high-performance textiles that reduce the burden on the user and can monitor body signals (including pulse rate, breaths, and body temperature) and indicators of physical exertion (GPS and speed). ASICS also envisions that the products can be used to maintain physical fitness and for appropriate training.

ASICS plans to focus particularly on developing running shirts made primarily of smart textiles that can measure runner trends comfortably without burdening the wearer, like pulse rate and body temperature. The new products can be used together with MY ASICS––ASICS’s highly-effective online training menu based on scientific theory that adjusts for individual runner levels and running frequencies––to analyze information and provide feedback. The program is intended to be able to offer more effective training methods.

※About MY ASICS:

【About Cityzen Sciences】

(1) Main business Creation and development of smart fabrics

(2) Headquarters address 33 Rue Philippe Auguste-75011 PARIS

(3) CEO M. Jean-Luc Errant

(4)Capital EUR 200,090

(5) Founding 2008

(6) Employees 22


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