ASICS Adaptive Training Program MY ASICS New Features Added, Including Keeping Pace in Real Time

2014.11.19 PRESS

November 19, 2014 — ASICS announces the introduction of several new features for MY ASICS, ASICS’s web and mobile service that offers a highly-effective training menu that adjusts to individual runners’ levels and running frequencies. The program is based upon scientific theory.

Starting November 18 (USA EST), users will be able to follow their pace in real time while following an established training schedule.

The main new features are described below.

Balancing set pace and actual pace in real time

SteadyPace Feature

Shows the target pace and actual

pace per kilometer based on a scheduled training menu

using an easy-to-understand display. The runner can watch both

sides to track his or her own pace while running and

make adjustments.

Sample screen explanation

The blue portion is the target pace. The screen shows the runner was slower than his planned time at the 7 Km point, raised his pace at the 8km point, slowed slightly at the 9km point, then now at a pace of 8 minutes 38 seconds at the latest 10km point.

Track split and lap times in real time

Split and lap times can be checked in real

time. Split and lap times automatically appear at intervals of one kilometer

Watch course in real time

Routes can be tracked on a map.

About MY

MY ASICS is a highly effective running menu that can produce strong results even with little training. The training menu is based on sports science theory AT* and was developed to deliver more exact training results at the ASICS Institute of Sports Science based upon substantial research.

The user inputs details such as current training level, gender, age, and training frequency, and the system produces a calendar outlining goals and training details (distance, speed) for different periods, including six periods, such as “Getting Faster” period and “Going Further” period. By using these functions to prepare for races and events, the user can determine the best training program to help produce target times.

Online running training services were introduced in Europe 10 years ago. MY ASICS has improved upon these efforts by adding sports science and research developed at the ASICS Institute of Sports Science, and was launched in Europe in February 2011.

MY ASICS has been introduced on ASICS’s website and through smart phone applications since February 2012 in Japan. The applications are approaching approximately 1 million registered users around the world, with 70,000 in Japan (as of November 17, 2014). More than two-thirds of runners who start the menu complete the program, having achieved their goals.

*AT refers to the gradual range between aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise. The body starts to store lactic acid when exercising beyond AT and is less able to continue exercising.

<Key features>

Customization/Race time forecast/Mapping/Training analysis/Logging/Pace reset/Mobile function**

**Applications are free of charge, but additional charges apply for a separate packet for usage with a smart phone.

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