2014.07.29 PRESS

Holistic approach to sustainability involves customers, suppliers,
employees and industry partners

ASICS has released its 2013/14 Sustainability Report, outlining its integrated approach to sustainability through all business aspects and stakeholder engagement. By taking this approach, the ASICS Group is forecasted to reach 2015 targets.

The Title of the report, ‘We Are ASICS’ highlights the vital role ASICS customers, suppliers, employees and industry partners play in relation to the company’s sustainability. As part of this holistic approach, ASICS prioritizes the wellbeing of its customers, reduces the environmental footprint of its value chain, promotes fair and safe working conditions at supplier partners and supports employees and the community.

The report, the 10th in a series, details the progress towards ASICS’ 2015 global sustainability targets. Under this mid-term strategic plan, the ASICS Group will consistently expand its business on a global scale, also ensuring that sustainability considerations are an integral part of the ASICS Group company strategy.

The report explains how ASICS engages with stakeholders to build stronger and more active partnerships. The engagement is structured along three comprehensive sections – Creating products and services, Partnering with suppliers and workers and Investing in people and communities provides information on regional initiatives and focus areas. Highlights from the 2013/14 report include:

Creating Product & Services

  • CO2 reduction designs were adopted for key footwear products to achieve a Green House Gas reduction target by 2015. One example is the new GEL-KAYANO 20. This ASICS Flagship running shoe uses 25% fewer parts than the previous model, reducing its overall carbon footprint, while performing better for customers.
  • Stronger guidelines and improved material management systems implemented for improve chemical management.
  • In 2013, ASICS won the ‘Excellence Award for Green Logistics’ from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in Japan for its cooperative transport system for marine containers.

Partnering with Suppliers & Workers

  • 89 of our contracted suppliers audited in 2013.
  • New supplier evaluation system applied to all ASICS and third party audits conducted in 2013/14 fiscal year.
  • 64% of our factories rated 3 level and above at ASICS labor compliance standards.
  • Implementation of new global environmental policy as part of supplier standard.
  • Became a Partner of ILO Better Work program.

Investing in People & Communities

  • A staff survey was conducted amongst 1,963 employees to find out what matters most to our employees
  • Support to community projects through donations, sponsored activities or voluntary work has added up to over $692,160 and a further $146,441 of donations in kind (footwear, apparel and sports accessories, various equipment, food etc).
  • A Bright Tomorrow Through Sport - support program for young people who were affected by the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan in 2011, continued to provide free kit and instruction, visits from star athletes, and a range of other activities and events.

The report details activity between the dates of 1 April 2013 and 31 March 2014.

Motoi Oyama, President and CEO: “ASICS aims to include sustainability considerations in every aspect of the business. That includes the wellbeing of our customers, reducing the environmental footprint of our value chain, promoting fair and safe working conditions at our supplier partners, and supporting our employees and the community.”

You can find out more about ASICS and our approach to sustainability and download highlights, full report and GRI index, on our corporate website (

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