Texas Rangers Player Yu Darvish Signs on to Join ASICS Advisory Staff

RELEASE DATE: 2013.09.18

   ASICS has agreed to a contract with Yu Darvish, a Texas Rangers pitcher with US Major League Baseball, to become a member of the company’s Advisory Staff.

   The main terms of the contract are as follows:

  • Worldwide coverage
  • Shoes (including baseball shoes), apparel, bags, and general baseball goods including gloves and bats
  • General usage of ASICS products
  • Advising on development of ASICS products, improving technology, and marketing activities
  • Manufacture and sales of goods designed by Mr. Darvish
  • Cooperation in promotional appearances in TV commercials, advertisements, catalogs, posters, internet and other electronic media as well as other activities such as event

   We believe that this contract was made possible due to the confidence in our product, service and our future vision of the industry by Mr. Darvish.

   ASICS will offer support by providing products manufactured by ASICS technology and with Mr. Darvish’s ideas.

   Further, with Mr. Darvish being as a “face” of ASICS, the premium sports brand, ASICS hopes to raise its brand value by developing a lineup of Mr. Darvish model products that combines highest performance and newest design by conducting marketing activities throughout the world.

Comment by Mr. Darvish:

 I have been fortunate to sign a contract with ASICS recently. I have been happy with ASICS gloves, which have a good form and are extremely comfortable to use, and am especially impressed with ASICS spikes. There is less strain on the foot, which lessens the body’s fatigue.

I look forward in continuing to compete together with ASICS in the future.

Mr. Darvish’s profile:

   Born August 16, 1986, in Osaka. Pitcher.

  Joined Nippon Ham Fighters of Hokkaido in 2005. Joined the Texas Rangers of US MLB in 2012.

   Nippon Professional Baseball: Most Valuable Player Award (2007, 2009); Most Valuable Pitcher Award (2009); ERA(Earned Run Average) Title (2009, 2010); Strikeout Title (2007, 2010, 2011); Best Nine Award(2007, 2009); Golden Glove Award (2007, 2008); Sawamura Award (2007)

   MLB American League Rookie of the Month (April 2012)

○ Comment by ASICS President CEO: Motoi OYAMA

   Signing Yu Darvish, who is one of the most talented players in the world, is an honor. Mr. Darvish has not only been blessed with extraordinary talent, but his heartfelt and relentless efforts in baseball have been the reason for his success.

   ASICS will develop the best products in offering our fullest support so that Mr. Darvish breaks new ground in setting new records and performs to his fullest. We hope to create products that will meet the expectations of young people who admire Mr. Darvish and hope to be like him and to all those who love baseball. We also conduct the promotional activities with him to get youth and children interested in the game of baseball.


ASICS Public Relations Team

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