RELEASE DATE: 2013.04.22

First Directly-Managed Store to Offer Baseball and Other Sports Goods

  ASICS Corporation (Headquarters: Kobe, Japan; President: Motoi OYAMA) announces the opening of ASICS Store Osaka on April 26. ASICS Store Osaka will be a flagship shop featuring primarily running-related goods as well as the first directly-operated ASICS store to offer products related to baseball and other sports. The store will be located within the Future Life Showroom of the central Knowledge Capital area on the third floor of Grand Front Osaka (Kita-ku, Osaka).

  The new store will be the largest in Japan, at approximately 548m2 (166 tsubo). Annualsales are projected at approximately JPY180 million.

  ASICS Store Osaka will be the company’s fourth domestic flagship shop, after locations in Tokyo’s Ginza and Harajuku districts and Kobe. The store will feature fee-based service Running Lab, which measures running capacity. ASICS Store Osaka will also be the first ASICS store to offer non-running sports goods, such as ASICS brand baseball goods, a product line that was released in 2013.

  As an ASICS Store, ASICS Store Osaka will offer a wide range of running goods for all levels of runners, from beginner to competitive. ASICS Foot ID will be introduced to precisely measure customers’ feet using three-dimensional imaging and to analyze running gaits. Shop personnel will be able to use this data to suggest shoes appropriate to the runner’s feet and running style. ASICS Store Osaka can use this equipment for other competitive sport shoes as well.

  ASICS Store Osaka’s interior is designed for ease, as a space where customers handle products and communicate freely among themselves in a relaxed manner. The shop is located in a business district and is intended to be a place where runners and baseball fan customers can feel the joy of sports during their commutes. ASICS also plans to hold participatory-type running events from time to time.

  Grand Front Osaka is located next to the biggest terminal in Western Japan, with easy access to the airport. We expect faces new to the Kansai area––visitors not only from within Japan, but from overseas as well. Locating the new outlet in the area is intended to raise ASICS’s brand image even further and expand sales.


Address 〒530-0011 Osaka, Kita-ku, Oofuka-cho 3-1 Grand Front Osaka Knowledge Capital 3rd Floor
Telephone number Shop: 06-6359-5680 Running Lab: 06-6359-5682
Product lines ASICS running shoes, apparel, bags, and gadgets ASICS baseball (soft equipment only), soccer, basketball, and volleyball goods
Store hours 10:00 ~ 21:00
Employees Seven or more full-time
Store area Approximately 548m2 (166 tsubo)
Sales target Approximately JPY180 million (first year)
Store holidays Not fixed


  ASICS Running Lab is a fee-based service to scientifically analyze customers’ running ability, using the expertise cultivated over many years at ASICS Institute of Sports Science.

  Specialized equipment is used to measure overall running capacity. Foot shape/lower leg alignment/body composition, as well as leg muscle strength, overall stamina, and running form are measured. These measurements are indicators of skeletal arrangement, joint range of motion, running style, and projected full marathon times, and the data can be a safe and effective reference for body characteristics and strength level.

  Appointments may be made via Internet. The measurement may last from one and a half to three hours. Costs range from JPY5,000 to JPY21,000 (tax inclusive).

  For details, please see:

ASICS Institute of Sports Science and Knowledge Capital Collabo Office

  ASICS Institute of Sports Science has established a satellite office in the Collabo Office on the 8th floor of Knowledge Capital. The site is designed to foster a more effective R&D structure and sophisticated product development through the exchange of views and technology among researchers from various fields in order to offer consumers products with greater value. Further, ASICS will work actively with other companies, hospitals, and universities affiliated with Collabo Office to share information useful to customers by holding on-site workshops on, for example, correct selection of sporting goods.

○About ASICS Stores

  ASICS stores primarily offer ASICS running goods for sale. The stores are noted for precisely measuring foot shape, offering various types of services, and sponsoring customer events. Flagship stores are located throughout the world. Store locations are as follows: ≪In Japan≫

Feb 2007 ~ ASICS Store Tokyo Oct 2012 ~ ASICS Store Kobe
Feb 2009 ~ ASICS Store Harajuku Apr 2013 ~ ASICS Store Osaka
Oct 2008 ~ ASICS Store London Sep 2011~ ASICS Store Sao Paolo
Oct 2009 ~ ASICS Store New York Jul 2012~ ASICS Store London Oxford Street
Feb 2010 ~ ASICS Store Taipei Aug 2012~ ASICS Store Barcelona
Jan 2011 ~ ASICS Store Amsterdam Jan 2013~ ASICS Store Stockholm

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ASICS Public Relations Team

TEL. 81-78-303-2255 (Kobe) TEL. 81-3-6419-1504 (Tokyo)

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ASICS Japan Customer Service Center


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