Many valuable direct Tier 1 suppliers in 19 countries provide us with the facilities, expertise and other resources that allow us to bring the best products to our customers. We are proud to be working with our business partners, sharing not only a passion for great products, but also commitment to sustainability and fair labor practices. 

Transparency is vital, both for ASICS and for our external stakeholders. We feel that sharing basic information on our supply base will enhance transparency both for investors, labor organizations, our customers and others.

Several factors can have an impact on the accurateness of any brands supplier list; quality of information available on a consolidated basis from databases, solid sourcing procedures and integrated data management processes and most of all the stability of the supply base on a seasonal basis. 

The information shared in below document represents the ASICS Groups key Tier 1 supply base and accounts for more than 90% of our global volume of product manufactured on an annual basis. Tier 1 suppliers are all suppliers and relevant subcontractors, who are responsible for the manufacturing of ASICS, ASICS Tiger and Onitsuka Tiger products; footwear, apparel, accessories and equipment. These products can be designed and sold globally but also on a regional or a domestic, one country, basis. 

At ASICS, we value long term relations with our suppliers. While we do see a certain fluctuation in the supply base of a small part of our annual production volumes e.g. to new suppliers because of expanding to new product categories, we pride ourselves for the close, stable partnerships we have with most of our contracted suppliers.