ASICS Statement on Xinjiang Province, China

ASICS has a policy for the human rights violation and strictly prohibits all forms of forced labor in our own operations and in our supply chain. Our position on forced labor is very clearly stated in the ASICS supplier Code of Conduct (Policy of Engagement) and notified to the business partners. In addition, ASICS works closely with ILO Better Work to address any human rights issues, including forced labor.

We are aware of reports raising serious concerns about the forced labor in Xinjiang, China, though we were not implicated in the reports. No ASICS product is manufactured in Xinjiang province. In addition, there is no fact that the Xinjiang people are forced to work in the consignment factories of our business partners. ASICS also partners with Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) for the responsible sourcing of cotton.

It is important that brands cooperate with concerned stakeholders to address the human rights situation. We will continue to collaborate with all stakeholders such as business partners, ILO Better Work, BCI, other organizations to ensure human rights of the workers are respected.