Our founder, Kihachiro Onitsuka, was dedicated to the intellectual, moral and physical education of the younger generation through sports in postwar Japan.

He also believed that, in addition to benefiting the body and mind, sports carries

a universal significance that overcomes cultural differences while nurturing teamwork.

Our goal is to provide products and services that create value for our customers and to contribute to a healthy society. ASICS sponsors more than 50 marathons worldwide and numerous other races and sporting events every year. We support everything from large, international competitions and races to small, local grassroots events in order to stimulate participation in sports and contribute to a health-conscious society.

In addition to the sales and distribution of our products and services, we aim to fulfil our social responsibility and to help improve conditions for communities around the world. We engage in community activities and involvement and aim to be a positive influence through contributions and giving back. This means room for philanthropy, stimulating volunteer work, offering disaster relief and supporting research/education enabling a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.