Our founder, Mr. Kihachiro Onitsuka focused on human resource development under the belief that a company is a person. ASICS' talent management process is designed to inherit its spirit and tradition and realize a "culture of growth and cultivation" throughout the company. Gaining learning from business experience and achieving results by growing every day --- We will strongly support employee’s career development by providing a structured framework.


<New Employee Training Program>

・When joining
We have a training program including basic business skills as a working professional.

<Follow up training program for new employee>

・Half a year after joining
・2 to 3 years after joining

The training shifts focus from developing skills and a mindset to more independence and autonomy in order to contribute to the success of the organization.


We are providing training programs to our employees so that they will be ready for more senior positions.


A: Step to learn how to involve others and lead their tasks more independently


  1. Changing the viewpoint from individual perspective to organizational perspective
  2. Learning about leadership to get cooperation from others

[Comments from participants]

It was a very good opportunity for me to look back on my jobs.
I could make a plan of next action in business by thinking about our own important values.
I would like to understand how to express myself, and I would like to express my passion in business.

B:Step to grow to become next managers


  1. Establishing their own leadership style by understanding themselves
  2. Creating a vision on the basis of organizational strategy
  3. Learning about the basics of management

[Comments from participants]

It was a great time that I could understand how to show leadership according to the time, place and circumstance. Before taking this program, I felt anxiety about new projects assigned as a leader, because I haven’t had much experience showing leadership in my life. After taking this program, I could have confidence to show leadership by understanding the role of leaders and caring about colleagues.


We are providing programs to newly-assigned managers and general managers so that they can learn about required skills of management positions.

Training Program for Selected Employees

"ASICS Academy", is a series of training programs for selected employees which are designed strategically to develop talents who can lead the global business in a short period of time.

Career Development Support

Open-offering Programs

As part of employees’ talent development, ASICS offers one-day programs that any employee can take based on the advice of their supervisors or at their own request. Employees can select courses suitable for their development plan from the diversified themes such as communication, thinking method, and problem-solving skills to enhance productivity innovation.


Employees can select and take courses from over the 70 courses and they can learn at any place, at their own pace.

Basic Skills and Knowledge

There are various programs to learn basic knowledge to work as an ASICS employee such as programs to learn the ASICS SPIRIT, the Company's history, compliance topics which are necessary for global business, bookkeeping and trade practice.


Retail employees can take training to learn the necessary skills for their current position and for future positions such as Store Manager and other management positions from over 100 different courses. Online training and group training is available.